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First auto grow mixed tent

Posted (edited)


I thought I would give some autos a go as I’ve only done 1 hydro grow before.

This is my first attempt at a grow by myself with some good input from a friend who’s grew for years. So thought I’d put it on here in case it helps anyone or I can look back upon and see if any things could or can be changed. Even any pointers would be great as this is basically my first real grow.

First off I have 3x Stardawg autos (fast buds) and 1 Diesel Berry (auto seeds) in my tent.

Everything I have in tent as follows:

1.2x1.2x2m Buddha room tent

600w HPS bulb (18” above plants)

6” Rhino thermostat fan & carbon filter (long)

Air cooled reflector

6” ducting air intake

4x5L air pots (final pots as autos)

Plant magic organic soil

Plant magic OT grow (maybe using but not sure)

Plant magic OT bloom (will be using later)


Light schedule 18-6 (first week)

Light schedule 20-4 (rest of grow)

That’s all equipment I have in the tent. But for first timer hopefully I’ve not missed anything out.


First day planted the seeds that cracked open that wanted to sprout. Within a day all 4 where up and out of the soil. Temps were a bit mad first 3 days tho as my 4” fan wouldn’t cut it in the tent so bought the rhino 6” thermostat fan and carbon filter. Daytime temps where 30-32C and night time temps were 24-26C for 3 days. Humidity has never really been a problem that’s always been in between 50-60%. I changed the 4” fan for intake but was doing overtime in my bedroom so decided to change it to a 6” ducting as my intake but for it covered so nothing gets sucked through when taking air. Had to do this for the negative pressure the fan was causing as it nearly sucked my tent into pieces haha. 
Day 4 I managed to get the rhino fan installed and temps are now running a nice 24-26C lights on and 20-22C lights off. Humidity has been between 50-60% as humidifier doing its job.

Watered at the end of day 2 all 4 plants got 220ml water. Day 5 they got another 200ml water. Day 8 (today) gave them 400ml water and leaving them for 3 days or depending on the dryness of soil. 
All plants looking really well 1 of the stardawg plants maybe taking a sativa side as it’s a little taller than the rest. Other 2 stardawg look really good taking an indica look so far. The diesel berry had a slight deformed look first 2 leaves but second set looked well so not to worries about that now. That’s taking an indica look also.


I’ll update as my babies grow and any feedback will be welcomed. Also can’t seem to upload pics from my iPhone or I would share the progress with you guys

Happy growing guys n gals

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Quick update.

Plants doing really well in vegging stage As 2 weeks old today.

Plants looked a bit thirsty on day 13. Gave all 4 plants 1l of water with 1ml of OT grow nutrients on day 13 to give them a little pick up. Made sure to get some run off at bottom of plant.

Going to start the wet/dry cycle as plants looking like they want to grow and veg every hour lol 


Tent temps have been between 24-26C for daytime and 20-22C nighttime. Humidity is between 55-60% hoping when flowering will drop it back down to 50%.

Moved on to 20/4 on/off cycle for lights as well. 3 stardawg looking really bushy and diesel berry looking as good as the others as well.


I’ll keep it updated as the quads grow and flourish more.


Peace out ✌️


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These are my babies at day 15. One plant has had a slight heat stress to some leaves. Fixed that tho with buying my oscillating fan to help the air get around the tent. One also looked a bit droopy but expected that from more than one as I gave a run off feed to them to start wet/dry cycle. 
All plants doing really well today and growing bigger by the day. Can’t wait for the buds to start forming as this will be my first real chance to see the end processes of a grow.

Temps have been awesome for me 24-26C with lights on and 20-22C lights off. Humidity has always been around 50-60% (never really drops below 56% as the humidifier does it’s job).

I will post more photos next few days and keep updated on the progress. I hope this will either help someone out or be used as a guideline for any future grows ill be doing. 

Any questions or criticism will be welcomed


Happy growing guys n gals ✌️

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They look cracking for fifteen days :) nice job so far

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@mister phlegm hi thanks man, been a good few weeks for me as first on my own. 
My friend has helped me lots with his knowledge and keeps telling me I’m doing great as I’m a worrier haha.

Its good to hear some good feed back tho. I’ll keep this post updated with every detail and we can all see the end product if it’s worth changing anything or even if it helps someone follow with some guidelines. 

Thanks again for the positive feedback bro ✌️

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