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SMSCOM Nutrimatic Timer

Hi All,


Apologies if this is in the wrong section


I have an SMSCOM Nutrimatic Timer and have a few questions. The timer is easy to set up and runs fine for the first cycle, the problem comes when the second cycle is supposed to start...It doesn’t.

Does anyone own/use this timer? If so has anyone experienced similar? Is the timer only supposed to run single cycles?



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it's meant to run on either 18/6 or 12/12 cycles by the look of it.

set it and forget?

are you sure yours is set to the right setting?

then it feeds 20times a day for however many seconds you have it set for.

I don't have one but good luck with it

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I use this, its the best thing sinse ... some other good stuff, anyways, it takes a week to get ya run off right, make sure ya at 12/12 when ya on 12/12 or 18/6 at the right time, i run 6x 15lt air pots from a 100lt res, iv dialed it in to last 7 days, with about 3ins of run off a day in my waste bin, dont spos it helps, im shyt at explaing stuff lol but ya never know!



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