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New Member / First Time Grow

Hi guys , a new comer here , been reading quite a few bits on here so decided to sign up and get involved myself. 
i have a few questions regarding watering/nutrient feeding cycle ? 

my grow space is 1m x 1m x 2m 

Lighting : Spider farmer sf1000

tempature is : 25 degrees

humidity is : 60%
ph level : 6.2

soil : Gold Label Special Mix Soil 


instead of germinating my seeds i put them straight into the soil in 10L pots to try and minimize anything going wrong theyve just sprouted and ive been giving the soil just enough water so i dont drown them .

But my main questions are , im using advanced nutrients 3 part micro , bloom , grow so at what week should i start adding nutes ? How much ML per litre should i mix ? Do i feed the plant nutes everytime i water or do i feed with nutes 1 day and then just PH water the next ? And while the plant is still small do i still water enough so i get run off or will i drown them ?

Any advice will be great like i said im new to all of this and just looking for some guidance 

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