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Watering 3 week seedling while on holidays for 4 weeks ... is it possible ?

Hello all,
I have a very nice looking 3 week seedling but I am leaving in 10 days for 4 weeks holidays...
I live in Athens and grow currently in my big balcony in a medium size pot (22cm in diameter and 22 cm in height) which should hopefully be ok until I come back.
The big problem is watering...
I could take it with me on holiday but it is a bit risky.

I am thinking to install an auto watering system with one drip head 5 cm from the center dripping a small amount of water say x lt and 4 drip heads 10 cm away from the centre all around the edge of the pot dripping 5 times as much water (5x lt).

I must say I am not experienced canna grower , I have done it only once some years ago but I was home all the time.

Do you think it will work ?
Do you have any suggestions to make ?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you should plan your holidays better ! 

Im supposed to be going to Greece tomorrow.... gutted that Im not and quite jealous to be honest. 

Unfortunately you plant will grow lots in the next 4 weeks and your watering system will not keep up. There really is no way you could safely take it and bring it back !! 

Best bet is to find somewhere quiet and plant it out. 


Enjoy Greece :oldtoker: 

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You need a very good friend to water all your plants in the property.

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4 weeks is far to long to leave it you have two options 


(A) throw it away 




(B) get someone to care for it 

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Thanks for your replies .... really sad about what you say ...

I planted it because we will have an apartment to ourselves and I was going to take it with me.

Now I have changed mind and must leave it here... I have nobody to take care of it (a clear disadvantage of not having children !!!)


Today I cut a 10cm piece of a plastic bottle (diameter 8cm)  and pushed it inside the soil so that the perimeter is 4 cm from the centre where the root is..

Given the pot diameter is 20cm I am hoping that by having 4 drip heads 10 cm away from the root (all around the edge of the pot)  and giving it much more water than it needs right now it will not kill it because the piece of a plastic bottle will keep the water 4cm away from the root.


That is the best I can think and simply hope ...

Any more comments welcomed.

Edited by nick_nick

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soak the pot, sit it in a resevoir of maybe 1" water/vermiculite and put in it the dark - alternatively pot it right up  to a big pot, 10L?, soak that pot and as is it dries the roots will seek the water, you might just survive...use weak soil mix , you dont want it growing too much and less perlite as you dont want it dryiing out too much either, so plenty sand.


When theres no light the plants dont seek as much water, they go to sleep.


When I  did soil I would leave my plants for 2 weeks, sometimes 3 to snowboard , several times per winter season - in the dark with a soaked pot -  take our temps down too, to about 65 too, night time temp.


They dont even droop really, they just snooze, sometimes they go a bit light, but a few feeds, temps up and lights on couple of days and they back to normal.

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Use a wick system but any water left for weeks is going to be a bit rank


Edited to add its only a 3 week old seedling. Just chuck it and plan better next time and have a plan B



Edited by Owderb
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