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advanced nutrients
Advanced Nutrients Recommendations dont match appropriate EC levels.

Hello everyone, thanks for approving me! <3

I was searching as a guest last night for answers, but i was unsuccesful.. If a thread with this question already exists, PLEASE point me to it so i can educate myself.

I also tried to ask a few questions on the Growdiaries site, but that limits you to 280 Characters and that is not even remotely enough to explain the (ill call it mini problem) im having.

I am 9 weeks into my very first grow. After some extensive research on ADHD, I chose one of the exotics, a landrace heirloom sativa, Dr. Grinspoon as the one i want to grow, thinking the end result will help my other half to be motivated and productive during the day. (But thats not the question.)

Following all Advanced Nutrients calculators online and guide sites specifically made for Advanced nutrients and growing in coco. The recommended amounts per litre are somewhat reasonable when you look at them, i mean its only reasonable to have 4ml A&B per litre of water during late flower right? Well my TDS pen says otherwise.
From what ive gathered,

Early seedlings like to be at a range of 300-500EC

Early and mid veg it likes to be at a range of 1.1-1.5
and early and late bloom it likes to sit at 1.7-2 (average numbers ive gathered over many different sites and forums)


That is understandable and easy to follow. The problem comes here:
Even though i am on week 9, because of some complications dring early seedling phase, my Dr.G didnt develop very fast, so i am currently using nute strength for week 3 of veg. The recommended amount of nutes at this stage is 3ml(A&B) of sensi grow and 1.5ml of vitamin-B52 per litre.
That brings my 1 litre of water all the way up to 2.2 and im not even at full recommended dosage, or not yet using any supplements that ill have to be using during flowering.
That panicks me a little and i dont really want to give that to my G as i already stressed it plenty during early veg with transplanting it into a massive pot with poor drainage.


What i do is, i add all the recommended amounts, and then i add 250ml of extra bottled water (using still bottled water from the supermarket that reads at 0.18) to bring the EC down to 1.7-1.9 which Doc seems to be okay with.

My question is: Is this right? i mean when i add that 250ml extra water to dilute the feed, the recommended measurements stop being per litre and begin being per 1.25 litre. Is that right thing to do? what happens when i reach full recommended strength and it skyrockets the EC all the way up to 3 (and i know it will considering the nubers im having right now).

Do i still keep diluting it with more fresh water until i reach the recommended EC? Or do i keep the feed measurements at 1 litre ignoring the EC levels? I already burned the plant when i had the poor drainage situation and the EC rose up to 5 and i had to transplant it to fresh medium so it wouldnt continue dying. Doesnt diluting the feed made with the recommended amounts also lowers the strength, making the feed weaker than what is the recommended?

Any Info would be very much appreciated, and again, i was searching all night to find this answer, and its been bothering me for the last few weeks, If an answer or a similar topic exists already and i missed it PLEASE point me to it so i can read and gather info :) Thanks for reading and sorry if its too long.

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When using them guides and that's all they are is guides you nearly have to reduce the measurements by half. To Make it easy if you are using their nutrient measures and ec is to high just keep adding water till you get the desired EC. 


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So youre telling me what ive been doing is correct, adding reccomended amounts and watering it down with fresh water until i reach the recommended EC. Basically the recommendations on EC are correct and recommendations on ml/l are off (assuming companies want to make money and making you use more(?))

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@Dream Catcher As tokenroll said, all numbers are just guides and each plant will need more or less nutrients depending on variables like environment, strain, stage of growth etc etc.  What I'm saying is, the numbers aren't necessarily just wrong, they're just not right for your plant(s).


I'm assuming you're using tap water? If so, measure the EC of your tap water without anything added to it, you might find it's a fair bit higher than 0.0. 


I'm also assuming you're using something to adjust the PH? I don't know much about coco but if that's something you need to do with your nutrient solution you also have to consider that the PH down is going to raise the EC as well.


Again though, the numbers are not set in stone and I would err on the side of underfeeding, wait a few days and see how they adapt, then increase/decrease in .2-.4 increments, rinse repeat.

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Hey @argosthewizard :)

I am using still bottled water from the super market, that reads at 0.18. 

The AN nutrient line (sensi bloom A&B and sensi grow A&B) contain some sort of PH perfect technology, im not gonna go into technicalities because i dont want to advertise (some people will bury me for it because of the companys history) but basically theyre sort of made so that you dont have to adjust the PH its already between 5.8-6.3. 


I did eventually find a post in the Hydroponic Nute section about Advanced Nutrients and i saw mixed opinions, people who tried it said theyre great (but im assuming those arent newb level growers), Others said theyre not good at all since they claim they test their products on real plants yet their recommended dosages can easily fry a plant, in general, the average advice someone posted was basically what Token above said. 

Somebody also posted test results stating 1ml of both A&B will equal to 0.5EC (excluding water EC) 2ml = 1 EC and so on. 
Based on everything ive gathered so far i think i understand how ot manage and maintain it stable. Thanks for all the help.

I did try to delete this post eventually yesterday but i couldnt find how :P im new here dont know much yet :D 

Have a nice day <3

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I don’t know if this is helpful but I use advanced grow micro bloom set and have never given the advised amount according to their calculation. Even half is strong in my limited experience. I have a plant in late flower (7 weeks flower) and will give her last feed today of about 1/3 recommended dose which gives an ec of about 1.3-6 as I include b52 and overdrive at also 1/3 dose. 

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@Timbuds373 Thats really helpful man thank you! I also plan to use overdrive later and that wouldve been a question..

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