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Canna Coco A+B Auto Feeding

Hi guys,


It's been seven years since I last posted on this forum. Feels good to be getting back in touch with a great online community!


I haven't grown in a number of years up until recently, I planted up some autos in some soil and they're doing great!


I thought I'd change things up and try my first coco grow, I've got the Canna coco plus some A+B nutrients etc and I've done a bit of research around all the forums online trying to find a good feeding schedule for autos in coco. I have found a few tips here and there but nothing that has given me full confidence to actually start the grow. I understand that growing in coco is a completely different game to growing in soil (which I have been doing for a number of years) so I expect my first-time results to be maybe a bit questionable.


Just wanted to know if anyone can shed any light and share their experiences with growing with these nutes and if anyone has any good general measurements per litre to use over the weeks when it comes to growing autos.


Any advice is going to be helpful for me.





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Hi, give it a go and you'll probably be surprised at ease and growth. Canna coco and the a+b are a decent medium and feed, had good results with just the base nute but prefer a light mix including rhizotonic early on and a pk + boost in bloom. 

As far as being different to soil, not really if you're not into over complicating things as many do. Water more often and always with feed like in hydro, also start feed earlier as coco will be bare. ph 5.8 - 6.3 ish and be on top of spotting things cause growth can be quick, deficiency show quite fast and can be remedied quickly also.

If you've researched though, you'll have a feel for the basics like calmag requirements (maybe), drainage and oxygen at roots, reading runoff etc.


As for measurements, I could find some old journals and check but grab an ec pen and go light to start, read the plants and adjust. Can always grab the canna chart and do the famous 1/4 strength building up. For a rough idea I used to start at 400 water, calmag to 500 (adjusting throughout to none if ok)

1ml a/b gave me 1.1 - 1.2 ec. I think 2ml was 1.6-1.7. Boost I turned to shogun and it adds naff all significant to ec. When adding pk, lower the a+b.


As for autos, stay lower with ec, I've maxed at 1ml/l of canna on some and they loved it.


I'm rambling now and losing track so wish you the best.


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I ran my first autos (normally run photos) in coco 'hempy' buckets recently and used Canna A&B -  I used 2ml of each per litre (10ml of A and 10ml of B in 5L) in full bloom. They seemed to be fine with that. I am in a VERY hard water area FYI and did not measure pH or EC - so your mileage may vary. Save yourself a few grows of experimenting and invest in some pH and EC monitors :)

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