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Early seedling yellowing and browning from bottom up

Hi Guys,


I'm here seeking advice; apologies if I have posted in the wrong area.


I'm hoping that an experienced grower can help me out here. I seem to be following all the instructions on grow temperature range, light distance, and watering schedule(only watering hen the medium is drying); I've hardly used any nutes until day 22 as advised and I personally think this has caused me some issues although I may be wrong.

I've since used some premixed diluted nutrients available here: 



Please see a link to my grow diary here for a deeper look: 



So the symptoms are:

@22 days in

the seedling cotyledon has gone yellow and brown

Leaves further up the seedling are beginning to turn yellow

Growth has stunted


If you could please check my diary out and tell me what I'm doing wrong I would be very grateful.

Many thanks,




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Usually when leaves go yellow from bottom up, is a sign they are hungry.

What nutes are you using?


Edit. Just looked at link provided, don't know anything about those pellets, but it does say that they have to be used with other nutes.

it's only a supplement and looks expensive for what it does.

get some biobizz grow and bloom.

use grow at 1ml per litre of water


Also this should be in the sick plant forum

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