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Yellowing browning leaves.

Hello all! 

Need some assistance once again determining whats wrong with the plant. 

It as a OG Kush, about 35 days in the veg. It is grown outside and is watered every other day. This is the only plant of 4 others that is like this. 

I'm using bio bizz all mix and have not really fed them any nutes except some root-juice after repotting(about 3 weeks ago) and also some acti-vera at the same time. That was on the first watering after the repotting. Used about 1 ml of each on 1.5 liter of water. 

We had a very hot week here but after that it has been a week with half cloudy weather with some rain. Under heavy rain i took them under cover, since i have no idea what PH the rain water has here. 

Been checking the pinned post about nutes deficiency but can not really match it to anything, also figured why only this one.. 


It does not seem to be getting any worse, except the leaves that has that big brown edges. Should i remove them?

 Any ideas guys? 

Thanks a lot in advance!










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