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My First Year as a Carp Angler

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I love barbelling and turn into a ninja at night with great results, i use a cube of plumrose luncheon meat and catch 5 doubles , from 10 till 2 on a good night. You are not allowed to fish my club water at dark, everyone goes home and they love feeding at night, absolute rod benders! I am also an avid piker in the winter and fish the Northamptonshire trout reservoirs hunting that monster croc. Plenty of twenties but no 30 yet. I want to try and get on the trent this year for a chance of a colossus barbel and do a bit of predator fishing with the old zeds and pike. I also want to zed the severn this year with gigantic 20's on certain stretches. Can't beat wild specimen hunting in the peace and quiet greenery. I go carping all the time too, pb 32lb from an old unfished quarry . Try a single high visibility pop up, maybe a bright yellow pineapple pop up. Pop it up 2 inches off bottom and they always hunt it down.

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Looks like I am in good company here then, I love reading about people’s fishing adventures.


The carp have been spawning over the last month plus the hot weather has made the fishing harder and since I had those carp on my first session back I have been struggling. I did goto a commercial fishery with some match fishing friendS a few weeks back and caught quite a few carp on a method feeder rod, great fun but very easy.


I also fished an old estate lake a few weeks back, big carp was the target but they were busy spawning so I fished a feeder rod and bagged up on big bream, well over 100lb bag of 6lb to 8lb fish, great fun on light tackle.


I am off out early in the morning to the estate lake where I caught the bream but this time I am hoping the big carp are more active.


I have been taking a few photos over the last month of fishing, although the carp have been slow the weather has been awesome, it’s just been good to get out.
















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Well I have been out and about quite a bit since my last update in here and I have found the carp fishing has been really hard.


On Tuesday afternoon I headed over to my favourite gravel pit and set myself up for a 48 hour session after the big carp that live in there. 

I tried a new swim on a part of the pit that I have not fished before, after half an hour of leading around I found a big clear gravel area with small foot high bar going right through it in open water, an obvious feeding spot so I put one rod out on there and then the other rod went on a clean gravel spot nearer the margins.


At 1am the open water rod went off and I landed a nice looking 18lb Mirror carp, a great start to the session but I had nothing else in the night.


Around 3pm Wednesday afternoon the open water rod went again and when I picked the rod up all hell broke loose, it went up and down the margins a couple of times before my line snapped, the pit has some big catfish upto 70lb and I think I was done by one of those.


I had nothing on the margin spot so when I reset the rods at 7pm ready for the night I put them both on the gravel bar out in the open water.


Some where around 3am on Thursday morning I was well asleep when one of the rods screamed off, when I picked the rod up the fish shot off so quick the clutch couldn’t keep up and I couldn’t hold on, as the rod tip went down too far the line snapped again, another big catfish, I was well pissed off with myself, I dont like snapping off but twice in one session is not good, I reeled the other rod in and went back to bed.


After setting the drags on my reels properly and adjusting my terminal I reset both rods at 8am with 20mm Krill Boilies topped off with a bit of plastic corn, red on one and yellow on the other, both traps reset I had a nice chilled morning.


At around 2pm my left alarm beeped once and then again then the indicator slowly started to move and the fish slowly started to run, I picked the rod up and it then ran off like train again but this time I was ready for it, I kept my cool and backed the clutch right off quickly got the rod tip right up and let it run, when it stopped I kept pressure on and let the rod do the work but it was like a tug of war for next 15 minutes, they fight so hard, way more powerful than the carp as they can swim backwards.


I held my nerve and eventually she was done and I got her in the net. It’s the first time I have managed to land one of these big cats so I was well happy. She went 32lb 2oz on the scales and was very hard to pick up for photos as cats are very slippery, my mate says they look like a big slimy tadpole.


So yeah I had a great start to the session with a nice mirror and then it turned a bit rubbish loosing two big fish I never even got to see but suspected were big cats, they go to over 70lb in this pit, then to actually land a decent 30lb Catfish a couple hours before I had to pack up made all the recent blanks and disappointing losses this session disappear and I went home buzzing.


After experiencing the heart stopping runs and powerful fight I am now very interested in targeting the bigger Cats in that gravel pits as well as the carp.


Some photos I took during the session

Setting up Camp


18lb Common Carp


The Traps are Set


Cheeky Goose


32lb 2oz Wels Catfish


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Have only just discovered we have a fishing section here, nice to see some fellow followers.


Some great catches there @Smokebelch, plus the early morning lake photo's always look nice.

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