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Hyper fans and variacs

Hello all


I currently have a rvk 6" and 8" a1 fans running off a sms com hybrid pro 4amp.


I have these dialed right down, I've just come across a video of the 8" hyper fan drawing 10watts on low setting! My rvk prob draws 100.


My question is will a 6" and 8" hyper fan run off of my hybrid pro (variacs version) so I can utilize the climate controll and will it still return the power savings?


I really like the idea of saving electricity as the variac on low still uses full power at the mo but I want climate controll and can't be dealing with humming fans.


I also have the wanky version of smscom twin controller that made fans hum would this work with hyper fans?


Thanks and sorry for long winded post I always rant on :-)

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nope, hyper fans need an e.c controller

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Thanks for the reply, can see this being a very expensive upgrade. Have to work out weather it's worth the outlay.

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