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Humidity Vs Air Circulation

Hi there


ran into some issues maintaining humidity in seedlings grow area.

temporarily maintaining humidity with a ziplock bag ofer the pot, but this cant be ideal as the seedling as no fresh air.


For young seedlings would you prioritise humidity or air circulation?


normal humidtiy without ziplock bag is 40-45%





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Posted (edited)

When you say the seedling has "no fresh air" I hope you don't mean the bag is sealed? If so you will suffocate your seedling.


Imo if you're at 40-45% RH without the bag, that is good enough, or open the zip lock bag a bit at the top and have air pass over it to exchange air.

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40-45 is sound. Take that bag off



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thanks peeps!


ill take the bag off and see how i go

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