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Back in The game

Hello everyone, first of all let me start by saying how happy I am to be part of this group of people.


I have my days as grower in the past, but never dared starting anything in the UK as too scared of unfortunate outcomes.


Here I am now, with a lot more experience in different fields & willing to experiment something new.


So, I’m planning a little aquaponic system for my conservatory. 

I’m oriented to place the aquaponic system within a grow tent, and here hopefully you come to my rescue with a few tips & advice.

Here’s my questions:


-Has anyone ever attempted growing in aquaponic & if yes with which results?


-lightning need for about 2-3 plants? 

-LED yes or no? Obviously considering the number of plants above.


-Aereation/Extraction most reliable & quiet choice?


-And last what would be a good Indica strain, once again coming from your past experience that would give me a good yield?


(In the past I sticked to Amnesia, Blue Cheese,White widow. Any recommendations of any new interesting fruity/sweet strain?

Thanks in advance.




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Posted (edited)

welcome to the forum 

pretty sure this question would be better suited to one of the hydroponic threads but im sure an admin will shift it for you soon enough.

even though i have no experience in aquaponics it does interest me somewhat , are you going to be keeping fish or crustaceans? 


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Hello Bud!


Thanks for the reply.


I will be keeping fish as it’s something I ve got some experience with.


Compared to Hydro, aquaponic is a more sustainable (organic if you will) way to grow plants.


no need to use fertilisers, so no need to flush the plants once flowering time is come to an end.


I shall put together my tent within next week & give you more insights.


looking forward to more experience & tips from you guys!



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"steve the breeder" has some really good articles on this + mentions it in a potcast 


good luck dude and keep us posted:thumsup:

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Just found some Videos on YouTube , looks like the results are quite astonishing compared to Hydroponic.


Im definitely moving forward with it.


any recommendations about LED would be much appreciated.


Thanks for the advice Buddy13 


will sure post some updates 

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hello peeps.


a little update:


finally received my Secret Jardin HS80 & m 300w LED dual spectrum light today, hopefully putting together everything by the week end.


also ordered a 5x pack of Feminised Blue Mystic which should be also here by the end of the week.


Anyone out there with experience on this particular strain?


I picked it because of the low Odor / fairly generous yield. Should be sticking around 100-120 cm.





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Oh forgot, stock bought from seedsman.


they seemed fairly trustworthy

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cant wait to see the results are you going to be doing a diary 

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Hey chall


yeah surely.



still waiting for my seeds to arrive from seedsman.


hopefully they will be here in the next couple of days.


i can’t wait.

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Very curious about this too. Always wanted to try it on a large scale in a poly. Never thought it would feed enough for canna :)


Good luck bud

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