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Is Fred not well?

A question about my plant:


Some of the leaves around the middle of the plant are looking a tad yellow.


The top leaves are curling downward.


Just checking, is this OK or do I have a problem?







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The yellow leaves look like nitrogen deficiency. There also looks to be another’s problem I can’t diagnose.

More info required. Day and night temps?

Feeding Schedule/Amounts?

Light? Seen any pests?

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do you have a fan blowing on them??

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Under fed and over watered ( I think) 

What is your environment like? 

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Hi all — thanks for the responses.


OK ...


Environment: Grow tent. Planted in a mix of grow-bag and coir compost.


Temperature: OK, I need to get a thermometer ...


Light: 600W dual spectrum has been on about 16 hours a day. I think, as Fred grew, it got a bit close to the light? I've raised the lamp well above 18" now.


Feed: watering but not feeing. She Who Grows Things (garden, allotment) nodded at the 'underfed' comments and has started a weekly course of seaweed supplement.


Pests: None but the daughter who's in lockdown with us, but she keeps herself to herself ... 


Fan: I have a fan on 3-hour-on/ditto off daytime schedule. It doesn't blow directly onto the plant.


If I've missed anything, or need to pay particular attention to, my apologies, this is a first time effort. Also, my own fingers are not particularly green, whereas my partner is a grower of things, but this is her first venture too, so all a bit of a journey. Fred is currently lording it over tomato, squash and various other seedlings. 




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Leave the fan on

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