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Dinafem garden lockdown 2020

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Hi, everyone - hope you’re all doing well. It’s been a terrible few weeks in terms of weather. Endless rain and gale-force winds here over the past few weeks, it’s been dreadful. Hopefully we’ll get our usual September warm-up and a bit of an Indian summer to finish off the season.


My experiment to see how many harvests I could get out of one auto plant has come to an end. I managed three, which isn’t too bad. Even though I’ve had my plants in the greenhouse with fans and ventilation, I’ve been constantly picking out mouldy calyxes before they start spreading and fighting stem rot as well. It’s depressing and I don’t envy those of you with photo plants out in the wild.


My Bubba Kush Auto has been the star performer this summer. I got three harvests out of the same plant. Had the weather been better, I might have got another later in the autumn.




I managed to get a small jar’s worth of extra bud from the final two harvests, so can’t complain. I would have got a third harvest out of the OG Kush Auto as well but the weight of the flowers caused the branch to snap off so that ended her growth this year.


So everything’s jarred and curing nicely. I’ll do a smoke report soon. It’s been an odd year - full of promise early on with the weather we had early summer, but then the usual battle as we approached autumn.


I think next year I’ll be sticking with more autos again and maybe trying a fast photo strain as I’ve not tried one of those before. I’ve got a freebie G13 White Strawberry plant still on the go but already fighting stem rot on it so not looking forward to keeping her mould free over the next few months. One day, someone will develop a strain that’s completely resistant to mould and they will be become overnight millionaires (come on, Dinafem - you can do it). Can you imagine what that would be like! 

Anyway, it looks like the weather might be a calmer this week so I hope all your girls get to enjoy a break from the rain and wind. Stay safe, everyone xx

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Looking great m8.



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