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Grow room plans

This are the initial designs of my grow room (first time I've attempted growing, will be a completely indoor grow). The first pic is of my room, the dashed line is my door and the dotted line is a curtain hung over the entrance to a den-type area.

The second pic os the plan for the grow room. I was thinking of building a bench type structure that opens as demonstrated in the top right pic. I could then cover it with a sheet and any unwelcome guest would be none the wiser. As you can see the area is split into three main areas. I was thinking of maybe the small left hand for vegging, the right for storage and of course the main for flowering. The cirles will be pillars for support.

I am going to cat the insides of any grow areas with aluminium foil, I just wanted to ask your advice on a few things:

1. Lighting

It seems to me that the choices are either HPS, MH or envirolights. Envirolights seem to go for around £90 for 400W, while HPS go for £160 for 400W and MH for £170 for 400W. Obviously I want to get best value for money but in the long term it would be best to go for which is more useful, basically the question is, which should I buy, and do I want different ones for flowering/vegging?

2. Ventilation

On the room diagram it shows where I plan to put 6" fans (about £30 each) I also plan on building Overgrow's carbon filter. Does the open end of the filter lead outside or in? It's a stupid question, but it would be even more stupid to kill my crop because I got it wrong. Also, has anyone tested this method of odour control.

3. Humidity

I haven't seen much info on that on the site, is humidity important and if so how can it be maintained?

4. Strains

I was wanting to grow some white widow, is this going to be difficult and should I start with something more basic? Also what kind of size are they going to grow?

Cheers for your help,




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Lo mate, welcome to the site.....

I suggest you read some more first before asking for help.

Tbh mate your not going to get much constructive help until you have educated yourself to a basic level first.

Just a few tips...

Forget aluminuim foil, white matt paint is the cheapest way if you cant afford MYLAR <(google).

Make ventialtion your top priority, learn how it works.

Decide between growing in soil or in hydro media.

You have lots to read up, come ask when you have some more specific questions to ask.

Until then you need to read read read and read some more. :smoke:


Edited by Stealth67

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Get yer reading specs on Hunterface! lol

Almost all the answers to your queries are out there!

But here's a few things:

DONT use Alli foil, your best off with Matt white paint (Like stealth says)

Mylar or Black & White sheeting (£5.00 for 1m x 8m lengths) are great options.

Your lights :spliff:

You must be shopping is US Dollars mate....all the lights you mentioned are alot cheaper than that.

For example UK420Store's 125W Enviro is £20

And I found a 200W Enviro WITH reflector, and hanger on ebay for £50

You can get a 400W HPS/MH setup for under £100 - easy

Im using some Flourescent tubes in my nursery, Enviro's in my Veg room, and going for a 400W HPS in my Flower room.

Ventillation: I second what Stealth says...Ventillation is very important. Use the GrowRoom Tools to calculate how much air you will need to move etc...

Read some of Oldtimer1's posts....alot of subjects covered, including some very in depth notes on ventillation :guitar:

One more thing I will say, is: Dont plan to stick to your plan!...Ive found as I start making the growroom, I have to rethink this, rethink that.

Best advice I can give is: Dont rush into buying too many things (although you seem as tho you're on the right tracks) Plan for a while, then step back, look at the plans once more and get it growing!!

Hope this helps...good luck with yer grow matey! :spliff:

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