Reply to Solventless Hash with Farmer G

Trim piling up so time have some fun with ice again. I wanted to take my IWE game right back to the fundamentals, as I aways get a good return but wanted to focus on quality and purity - definite room for improvement in that respect.    I took plenty of notes from any Frenchy lectures and workshops I could find, and identified where I might improve my technique:   Less ice: to reduce breaking down of green matter through grinding, leading to contaminants. Sound should be 'clink clink clink' rather than grinding ice.  Less material: I'm always tempted to chuck it all in at once to save time, but it's a false economy.  Less agitation! Idea is to let the current of water gently do the work. In the past when I've not used a machine, I've resorted to a wooden spoon in a cordless drill. Gets a fantastic return of very green, impure hash   Based on Frenchy's method, I went with just three all-mesh bags; 190, 160 and 45µ. 190 as the work bag, 160 to catch anything particularly interesting of that size (if none, use as work bag instead of 190), with just the 45 for collection.    I worked in a separate 25 litre bucket, running it five times (mixed with a wooden spoon). 1st time stir for one minute, 2nd time for two minutes and so on...  Each time tipping it out into 5 gallon bucket with the bags. It was my first time using a hose to wash down the sides of the bags in situ, getting the resin nicely collected in the centre for easy scraping. This alone is a game changer!    As expected, the return was less from each run but clearly the quality was way above what I've produced before. I got a fairly equal amount from each run and probably could have ran it three more times, but alas, I ran out of ice and time.    The patties were in the freezer for 24h, then planed and dried for another 48h. Then came the real test of quality: the Frenchy hot bottle press.  Good result with very little pressure! All but one of the balls got wrapped for ageing. I greedily tucked into the loose one and went to bed half an hour later     First press...     Excuse the random hair    Combined trim from a HSO run was used for this. OGKZ, The New and Bubba's Gift. The trim was fresh frozen, packed super tight into small smell-proof bags. For my next batch I've got a load of unfrozen, dried and cured trim from my last grow. I'll keep the method the same and see which kind of trim I prefer.   Will try and take some more photos of the process and workflow next time too.