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What are we all using at the moment?

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I've used Verve for the last couple of years with no issues apart from the little flies (fungus gnats?).

Using it again now but it seems different this time. More twigs and gravely hard bits, and much stronger. Almost too hot for young plants.

I'm sure I've read on here that they've changed the ingredients (less peat, more green waste compost), but my memory is terrible 

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Biobizz grow....fishmix....bloom and a wee drop epsoms as required.


As for compost...I found a wee nursery out the road a bit that sells 70ltr bags of mother earth multi purpose for a fiver....lovely fluffy stuff and the plants love it....all my mates have started using it. I'm pretty sure it's made by clover.

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Bio Bizz - Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Fish Mix for recovery.


Potting mix is stuff called Tropic Mix, it's 60/40 peat and coco, cheaper than branded soils and under a tenner for 50L.


All perform very well when dialled in, coco mix is giving better roots and bigger plants in small(ish) pots.

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I'm using Levington soil from the garden centre, £ 8,50 for 50L, I've tried alot of different soils over the years and this one in combination with biobizz nutrients is the best so far. There is 3 versions, a normal one (red bag) one that has a red bag aswel but says "now with extra water lock system" and one that has added sea weed (blue bag) 


The one with the water lock system is shit and drowns your babies, too soggy. 


The one with the added sea weed is very good but a little too hot for some strains, I've grown 2 strains with this soil with just ph'd water, all the way till chop(holds nutrients for 8 weeks) 


The  normal one is the best soil for weed imho, it holds nutrients for 5 weeks and I usually start feeding in week 4 with quarter strength biobizz nutes. 


Get amazing results and don't add nothing to it, no perlite, rice, coco or vermiculite, just straight outta the bag. 

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Much thanks for the reply's. You have all given me some things to mull over. I'll see what the on-line shop is selling at the moment during the old embargo that is currently in place :smokin:

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