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Which Soil (First Grow)

Posted (edited)

Hi Guys, 


I’m due to start my first grow next week. I’m growing in soil with autopot, what soil should I buy, I haven’t done this before so my knowledge of knowing what to ask for is limited so please accept my apologies. Also I understand I will be to put nutrients in my res, so again what do I use?



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Hello caly , the best advice at this moment from what you say is READ a lot of posts in the grow diary section because if this is your first grow you will need information that unless you have a partner or guide that you speak to face to face you will have to read some grow diary’s 


that being said it’s really easy to get a basic setup going and you could easily have all your ideas within a week 


each have their own opinions on what to use so it’s better to make your own choice based on what your knowledge is or what you read


hope this motivates you good luck

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Thanks mate, I'll take a read :yep:

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Using autopots I'd personally go with a light mix, biobizz lightmix for instance..


That said you could use a standard multi-purpose compost (clover is popular at the moment) but then you would only want to use water in your res for a few weeks (maybe some root stim).



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