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Bit of woo, if you like that sort of thing ...

Lived here 18 years plus. Never seen a funeral cortege till Monday which is understandable - it's a cul de sac.


Then today, saw a second one - stopped outside the house across the road.


3 years to the hour after my Mum passed away.


Make of that what you will.

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Had a weird experience when my Dad died, 25+ years ago, I had a phone call from my Mum at the hospital to say he had taken a turn fro the worse. A slight digression just after I put the phone down it rang again and it was a woman who was wanting to buy our house which was on the market. She had been trying to get us to jump through hoops to bring the price down.


As soon as she started I said listen if you want to buy it, buy it....if you don't fuck off. I jumped in he car and blasted down the road 22 miles to the hospital, every traffic light I came to was on green I got to a section of this road that is notorious for accidents as it twisty and narrow then dual carriage way to narrow roads. As I came through that section the trees are all closed in and I had this sensation of a hot tingling ball go from feet right through my body and out of my head and at that moment I heard myself say you don't have to rush now he's gone.


I got to the hospital and my Mum and Sister were there and before they said anything i said I know he's gone, when I spoke to the nurse she said he had died at 19:25, it was the same time I had looked at the clock in the car when that feeling went through me. 


Really woo, wooo woo woo Twilight Zone :).....the funny thing was the house sale fell through (I wonder why) BUT we ended up buying a house in the village where he had lived and always wished he'd stayed and we are still there.


People will say it's coincidence.....I don't believe it there are stranger things in this world than we realise and I think that our lives and technology have drowned out our connection to it that we once had. But once in a while when we don't expect it, it is as if we can tune back in if only for a fleeting moment.



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My Dad knew when my Gran was gone. He said he had a feeling that night around the same time she passed bless her and in the morning the wardens found her. 


Funny old world



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