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Winter is coming? Dinamem / DiyLedUk Outbuilding Grow

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Winter is coming? Bugger me it’s already here duck; Winter is here and up in the North we’re freezing our tits off.

I’m back with another hair brained auto-grow; Some Dinafem seeds, a bollock-freezing outbuilding in January and a funky @DiyLedUk light for good measure.


As I write this intro post in late January the new year hangover is well in effect.

This grow goes out especially for @Dinafem-Mark, @JJJ, @diyledukand others who helped me out last time with support or advice by pm/post. :yep:

Sorry, can't tag-in everybody who helped me out, that would be silly. But I fucking love you all.



Dinamed CBD Kush Auto;

Thanks to Mark I've got some spanky-new Dinamed Kush CBD seeds to try out, so it would be rude of me not to show them off. :D

He sent these out last year and I promised to do a diary with them - it took me a while but here we are!




I was really impressed by the Dinamed CBD plant I grew on my first run - I won't repeat my opinions of the original Dinamed plant here for the sake of keeping things short, it’s all in my first diary, but it was very positive.

This isn’t actually my first grow with this strain however; I did a cheeky secret grow over autumn, finishing just after Christmas which gave me 2 decent sized jars from one plant.

With the relatively cold air-temps I saw some real deep purples coming out, all the sugar leaves and all the buds were/are a solid purple by the end - like proper Jimi Hendrix purple..

So I’m expecting that for sure this time, I’m only planting two of these seeds this time as I don’t need quite so much crop from the CBD-only plants.




Dinafem White Cheese Auto;

I’m also growing out 3x White Cheese autos, also Dinafem.

I bought a f**king shit-tonne of various autoflowering cheese strains from Dinafem during the black Friday sale (yellow-sticker heroics!) and of them, these are the ones I’m looking forward to the most, I think!


Backup; Dinafem Cheese XXL Auto.

This freebie from the above order will be my backup bean, in case any of the 5 ladies above decide to stay at home.



I'm making some modifications to the bat-cave for this run.

I’m in an outdoor, un-heated and only partially insulated outhouse. Can’t get around that.

I love my LED too, that’s just a thing. However this is not the time of year to be running LED in an outbuilding without some serious assistance.

Therefore air temps will PLUMMET in this space during winter, so my setup and expectations of yield have to take this into account.


The outhouse is too big to heat the room my tent is in, so I will have to rely on heating inside the tent, or pre-heat the incoming air - it’s just simple common sense; If I’m growing with outdoor temps during winter and I’m maintaining good extraction, then I will be effectively pumping-in a constant supply of FREEZING COLD AIR into the tent at all times. :yep:

I still need to keep things collapsible in a rented property, but I can afford to add a small additional tent, and use it to pre-warm air for my main tent by running an HPS lamp in it.

The bonus being if I’m going to the bother of burning watts heating air, I may as well use that space to grow some more plants in! :hippy:


First things first on the heating front, get the roots warm. I dismantled a pair of old wooden pallets, sanded & rebuilt them to the specs of my 70x70 and 60x60 tents, and then mounted a number of tube heaters inside them.

These heaters are wired-in to a junction box with a single lead out, to a regular 3-pin plug, giving me two small pre-built heated floors that I can drop into my tents as a single item of heating equipment.




The heated pallets will each be controlled by an inkbird temp controller, it’s probe inserted through the side of one of my pots giving me the soil temp of my pots as the control mechanism for flicking the under-floor heating on/off…

Actually, the larger pallet was built for the previous grow, the one I didn’t document, so I only had to build the smaller pallet for this grow.

I’ll take air into the small tent passively, and then warmed by the tube-heaters and HPS, it can be drawn through ducting into the larger tent where the main crop will benefit from the warmer intake air.

In summer grows, this extra tent will give me other options too. :D




Lighting; For the first week or two I'll be germing with the Scope 275.

This light is gloriously over-powered for my space; I can't remember exactly but iirc it’s rated for something like 1.2x1.2 meters, not a mere 70x70cm space like I’m using.

I wanted a light that I will still want to use if I increase my tent size later, and the frame gives almost perfect wall-to-wall coverage against the tent sides so it made sense to up-rate once I was already crow-barring my fusty old wallet out. Haha fun times! :D


In the photo below you can see the wall to wall coverage during an earlier grow.




However for germing it’ll be dimmed way down, and I’m using the bigger light mainly because it is already set up in the correct tent, and because it dims down lower (75w) than my other light.

After the plants are ready to pot up, they’ll go in separate tents, the cheeses in the larger 70x70 tent under the Scope 275 and the two Kush will go in the 60 tent, under HPS.

Rather than use another LED, this time I’m using a 600w digi ballast switched down to 250w.

I’m a big believer in LED, I think it is a far superior technology all round, and that there are only very minor edge cases where LED isn’t superior to all other forms of lighting we have currently.


Unfortunately, when your light doubles-up as your interior heater, this is one of them.

So in the smaller tent I won’t be using my funky little blurple Kingbo this time, but I’ll be using HID for the first time.

But that doesn’t worry me unduly, I’ll have a bit of time to read up on the dos and don'ts of dirty hot bulbs & ballasts while I source a suitable ballast, reflector & bulb...



An RVK125 L1, 5 inch fan, mounted to mdf board sat on top of the large tent, and controlled with a simple speed controller provides the suction.

Air is drawn passively into the small 60-tent, up into the roof where ducting carries it back down into the bottom of the large 70-tent from where it is then extracted outside.

This thing sucks the shit out out of my 70x70 tent even on low, I have no doubt it will move enough air for both tents at winter-low extraction speeds. Air is cleaned by…




A Rhino Hobby filter. I know some people knock these rhino filters saying the quality isn’t what it used to be.

I have no idea what they were like before tbh, but this one has just finished my first two grows with no probs so I’m just going to leave it all in place as it’s a faff to move.

I’ll take it all down & clean it up before I run it again after this though, and I will budget for a new filter to arrive by the time we get this grow into flower.

If I can stick with the current filter for the whole grow then all I’ve done is pre-buy something I’ll need soon enough anyway, and if push comes to shove, I’ll have a filter ready to go at a moment’s notice..

Humidity; Other than at the seedling stage where I have a lot of control over humidity due to being in a propagator, I won't try & exert any control over the humidity for most of the grow, because I don't really have any - other than lower/increase fan speeds, or re position air-circulation fans if necessary.

Edited by Jimmeh
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Day 0 - Prep Work - 11/02/20



Light; None

Temp; 23.5°c | measured @ water | heated propagator

Extraction off


Haha, to kick off a winter grow we get our first snow-day of the year!

Storm Keanu or whoever has just left the British isles, with storm Dennis Skinner predicted on the way. Yay.

And in the vacuum the storm leaves, moves cold air & snow, so after the extremely mild winter & new year period we’ve had so far, real winter is kicking-in.




Beans are dropped into plastic shot glasses of tepid water with a tiny dash of seaweed for extra flavour.

These will go in a small heated propagator in the larger 70x70 tent, since it has the more beastly heating pallet. I know you can leave them anywhere warm, but it just helps me keep everything together when I've had one or two to carry out as much of the grow in situ as much as is reasonable.




They’ll sit in water for 24hrs then I just dump the contents of each shot glass straight into pots & back under propagators whether I can see a visible crack in the seed or not.

Today, I notice two or three of the seeds already have a small visible crack & the hint of a baby taproot behind as I dropped them into these pots…






We’re growing in Clover multipurpose - I’m not sure if the different bags signify any difference but the open bag on the left is what the seedlings are in, we’ll crack open the other bag when it comes time to pot-up.

This pic reminds me my outhouse is a fucking dump - I need to seriously tidy up!




It would be cool at some point to build a proper temperature controlled propagator for germing, one with enough heating power and a real thermostat built-in which can maintain a specific and realistic for our needs temp without having to resort to an external device like the inkbird where you have to run a wire under a lid or through a hole,etc; these temperature control units like the inkbird are getting so cheap nowadays it might be worth hacking one together for my next grow after this - but that’s an idea for another day. :smokin:

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Day 1 - Love Is In The Air - 14/02/20



Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 75w at 36” - 24/0

Temp; 24.5°c | measured @ soil | heated propagator

Extraction off


Valentines day is here and so are the first three seedlings, hurray for love! :wub:




One of the three White Cheeses is above ground already, helmet firmly on head.

This will need to be removed!

I’ve seen this to a greater or lesser degree on all three of my auto-grows so far, so I’m kinda starting to expect it now.




It is gently tweezed-off, and dropped onto the soil to break down.

The other two Cheeses are juuuust breaking through the soil, and I can already see that one of those is also helmeted! :P

The two CBD Kush seeds are still safely below ground, but at only 48hrs in, we’ll see what the next couple of days bring…


*Update* By next morning (day 2) all 3 cheeses are above ground and all three need the helmet removing, and in one case, the membrane had stuck on, trapping the baby leaves closed and this thin condom-like skin was needing to be tweezed off.




One of the CBD Kush seedlings is also out of bed, and this one managed to remove her own hat - score one to the Kush!




The other Kush remains below ground.

If I need it, I have the Cheese XXL to deploy but I’ll give it another day or so to see what might happen.

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Day 3 - Room For A Little ‘Un? - 16/02/20


Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 75w at 36” - 24/0

Temp; 24.5°c | measured @ soil | heated propagator

Extraction off


Alrigte, giggidy! :yep: So the second CBD Kush is out of the ground that makes a 5 for 5 germ rate this run - woop!! I haven’t even been particularly careful how I stored these seeds either, they just stayed in the packaging in an upstairs draw since last year. I figured the fewer disturbances to the environment the better.




Anyway as we can see, this one is also wearing the seed husk, it took a bit more careful removal than before.

It would probably have dropped off on its own later, given the position but I didn’t want to take the risk for a simple removal.




Speaking of taking risks, I have a confession to make - I wasn’t expecting such a good germ rate to be honest, I’ve always had more than a few non-starters before, so in a moment of distraction, I also dropped the backup bean, the Cheese XXL in water early AM before I realised the second CDB Kush had sprouted.




This is totally my bad, but it now leaves me the question of how to fit 6x plants into a space I had figured for 5x plants…

If it germs, I’ll get it into a starter pot and see where we are from there - I have a rough & ready range of final pots to choose from, so we may be ok to cram one more girl onto the party bus! :D



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Great start.  Loving the tube heater pallet. Nice idea.  Best of luck with this run...:yep:

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36 minutes ago, JJJ said:

Great start.  Loving the tube heater pallet. Nice idea.  Best of luck with this run...:yep:


Thanks - The heated pallets really are beastly at keeping your pots warm.. at least, a certain spot on your pots, determined by where you stick the probe.

If I put my probe right at the top of a tall pot & set to say, 26 degrees, it would likely cook the bottom part of the pot at 32 or 34 degrees - you have to use judgement even there, and of course that means you can get things right or wrong. :P


Like anything they have their drawbacks & benefits. Very rugged though, you can chuck them about & stuff things down the side, remove the slats (dowel & hole instead of screwed down) for access, etc...

In my outbuilding, they're not enough alone to keep the air sufficiently warm year round without some assistance from the light, or some other source, but that would be true of almost anything I put in-tent imho.

Edited by Jimmeh
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@Jimmeh Now that's what I call a highly detailed first post ;)


You look to be off to a steady start mate :yep:


On 15/03/2020 at 3:17 PM, Jimmeh said:

This is totally my bad, but it now leaves me the question of how to fit 6x plants into a space I had figured for 5x plants…


You'll have to get creative or the other option is to lose a plant  :)


I'm sure you can squeeze an extra one in :yep:


Best of luck with the grow ahead :yep:


As with all Dinafem grows on uk420. I'll be along for the ride and watching with interest  :)


Let's do this  :headbang:


All the best :bong:



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Day 5 - A Withered lovechild, born of shame and regret - 19/02/20



Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 75w at 36” - 24/0

Temp; 24.5°c | measured @ soil | heated propagator

Extraction off


Oh wow so this grow is full of drama and twists - out of my jumping the gun with the backup bean and spaffing it too early into the pot, sprouts a runted child of SHAAAAME! lol






This also means I’m going to have to find a home for a fourth Cheese plant, which obviously can only mean…. More f**king cheese gromit! :yahoo:



It shed the husk underground but clearly must have been struggling to get out from the soil as it is/was a bit withered. Boo.

I’m sure it’ll be fine in time though - yippee, that also makes a 6 for 6 germ rate on this grow. Getting better lol

That I’m happy with although I know that’s par for the course for most of the experienced growers reading this.




Enviro staying stable despite freezing cold at night & windy as hell in the daytime. Storms are nuts at the moment & it's always bitterly outside.

Humidity about 40% at pot level outside the prop, around 80% inside.

Extraction off for now so it’s easy to keep a steady temp in this tent, test will be when both tents are up and one is providing warm air to the other.


Water is still by spray bottle for a day or two longer, obviously I’ll extend this out for today’s new arrival.

You can’t tell too well by the angle of photo, but the two sets of seedlings are in different sized pots, so they it should be a few days apart when they root-out their pots - I’m hoping to stagger the potting-up by a few days, purely to make the grow a bit easier to administer.




At the weekend around the 7-8 day mark they will have the lid off permanently and begin a wet/dry cycle, the backup cheese xxl will stay with spray water for a few days longer.

I’ll also back-fill the pots a little to give those stems a bit more support and bring the soil level up a touch.


Peace out bros! :wub:

Edited by Jimmeh
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Day 9 - Nowt Special - 23/02/20



Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 100w at 36” - 24/0

Temp; 24.5°c | measured @ soil | heated propagator

Extraction off


Nothing particularly exciting happening at the moment. :wassnnme:

Light went up to 100w a day or two back.

Enviro remains relatively stable - as you’d expect with 3x 120w tube heaters below and one 80w heater up-top with the plants (left edge of the pic), I’d be surprised if I’m not easily able to maintain temps with extraction remaining off!

However without that air being taken out regularly it can creep up a little too high particularly at the rear of the tent.

With the plants still this small, the underfloor heating is plenty to keep the entire plant warm except in pretty extreme cold.




The two Kush have a slight twisting of the leaves going on to show they got a bit too warm for their liking, but it’s such early growth that is affected I’m not in the least bit worried about them long term - I take it as an indicator to me to amend the enviro now, not of long term damage to the plant.

However I think I may have whacked the light up to 100w a bit too soon so I will bring that back down to 75w.

The real culprit is the heater of course - when it gets up to temp it takes a long time tom come down, and if you overshoot, it can spend quite a long time in the hot zone.

The solution of course is to run your extraction - but I'm choosing not to do that yet for other reasons that are more important than the temp dropping quickly when I want it to.


The reason I’m keeping the big extraction fan off for now is because the direct intake of cold air would be too much for the plants at this early stage, it is still pretty much zero degrees out there.

But that state of affairs will not last much longer, they will want fresh air coming in asap - so I will want the HPS up & running to counter it.


Over this weekend the prop lid came off for good, and the main batch will no longer be on spray water, it’s a wet/dry cycle from here.

The small Cheese XXL at the back will stay on water for a few more days.


I’m starting to think about pot-up time soon, and when that happens it might get crowded in here so that's another reason I’ll need to start using the other tent soon…



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Day 12 - Old Technology - 27/02/20


Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 75w at 36” | 250w HPS Dual Spec - 24/0

Temp; 24.5°c | measured @ soil | heated propagator

Extraction on low


Ok so a bit soon for another update really - not much change in the plants, snow is outside but not settling thankfully, and the other half of the country’s flooded up to it’s bollocks.


And to be fair I ought to be potting up some of the girls, I think the white cheeses are more than ready now but it’s mid-week and I won’t get the time to pot them up how I’d like until the weekend, which is a ballache, but I will live with it.


However if I’m potting up at the weekend, I would like to get proper extraction on now, so that it’s not an additional stress - and to be perfectly honest, the temps have been creeping up a bit higher than I’d like without proper extraction going for the reasons discussed last time..

The 3x tube heaters do the business for keeping it warm when they don’t need to contend with the air constantly being sucked out, but heat is slow to release from the tent without the fan going.


Anyway, I got the ducting set up from the smaller tent into my main tent, and I closed-down all the inlets other than the one passive intake on the 60x60 tent.

Where I think I needed to, I cable-tied the unused intake holes closed as well as fastening the little plastic toggles they come with, to ensure they’re as airtight as I can make them.




Don't worry, I tidied these cables up too! ;)


Air is now coming through the small tent into the large tent via 6” ducting, then out the 5” fan and ducting along the ceiling. The route for air to travel between the tents is wider than the route out.

Tell the truth, the negative pressure on the smaller tent is a little underwhelming, while the big tent sucks it’s sides in nicely.

We’ll have to see if my plan for running just the one fan works out in this case, with these tents but I can see visibly the larger tent which is closer to the extraction fan undergoes more neg-pressure than the smaller tent which is where the intake air comes in.


This can be controlled to an extent by reducing the intake holes in the small tent right down, but of course all that does in the long-run is increase strain on the fan.

The obvious and most simple way to run 2 tents off one fan is to do a Y-shape.

This then doesn’t have to contend with pneumatic plumbing concerns, but it means each tent uses its own passive intake, which is fine if you aren’t hoping to use warm air from one tent in the other like I am.


The difference in airflow patterns between the two tents is an obvious design flaw in hindsight, one that I should have foreseen - But it isn't hampering the grow unduly so I'm inclined not to worry for another day... lol

I can worry about heated ducts next winter...




I also got the HPS up and running today.

This is my first time growing with any HID light - bulbs, ballasts etc are new to me but I’m willing to give the granddad-lamp quick go so I know what it felt like to live through the war.. lol

Notice the difference between the lights - colour, etc..

Ok, my phone isn't a legally calibrated evidence-gathering device you could rely on in court, but that Scope is dialled down to 75w in this photo, next to a brand-new 250w..




Air is now flowing into the tent via the duct at the bottom left, and (hopefully) will be warmed somewhat by the tube heater directly by the inlet when I turn it on over the next week or two.


A little heat stress visible on the CBD Kush at the back, that’s unfortunate and totally my own fault.

Doing my measurements just now I’ve realised it is a good 3 or 4, sometimes 5 degrees warmer at the very rear of the tent when there is no extraction - even with the wee usb fans blowing air around, so these suffered even more when the temps crept up.

I was already planning on adding an additional fan or two soon - I’ve had to split what I had over the two tens which won’t work forever, but this has spurred me on to get it done sharpish.

Edited by Jimmeh
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Day 14 - Winter Boots - 01/03/20


Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 75w at 36” | 250w HPS Dual Spec at 24” - 24/0

Temp; 23.5°c | measured @ soil

Extraction on low


Ok so we’ve got to get these Cheeses into bigger pots now, I can see roots at the bottom and they’re well ready - it’s only a shame I had to wait a few extra days for the free time.


It’s still a very busy weekend - I really need to cull my list of acquaintances.

Nothing too grisly of course, perhaps a poisoning or two, neat and tidy that’s how we like it. :yep:

We can all have a nice get together to see them off and then I’ll be left with a far more productive calendar - Marvellous!




As we can see these are well ready, also some heat or light stress on those early leaves still present..

I’m inclined to think it’s more likely heat as one is clearly more affected than the others.

Don't know why that one leaf is sticking up like a pole though.. ??


There is likely a good deal of delayed response in my heating system at the moment - it might be that I need to set the inkbird to a lower temp than I actually want in order to keep in my desired range.. We’ll see as I continue to dial it all in..





The roots on these three cheeses look ok from here, as we guessed just from looking, more than ready to be potted up!





And the three girls in their new home.

I’m using 7.5L pots and a 7L for these three as I think it fits the footprint ok, but I have to mix & match a little.

I dream of a range of sized pots. It’s a nightmare if not buying from hydro shops to get accurate litre specs of just random plant pots.

I’ve become very well acquainted with the formula for calculating the volume of a truncated cone… (geeknerd! :geek:)





The three remaining plants, two CBD Kush and the one Cheese XXL will be potted up in the next day or two, probably into 5 or 6L pots.

Don't be put out by how untidy it is in this photo, once I saw how bad it was I had to go back & rearrange those wires... lol

Peace out folks, be good!

Edited by Jimmeh
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Day 16 - Pot Shots Part Deux - 03/03/20


Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 100w at 24” | 250w HPS Dual Spec at 24” - 24/0

Temp; 23.5°c | measured @ soil

Extraction on low


Ok now things are happening! :yep:

I’ve got a bit of free time after work tonight so the CBD Kush and the lone Cheese XXL can go into final pots.

This is too late for my liking really, but it was the best I could do with the time I had unfortunately.




Totally ready, more than ready just like before. :thumbdown:

No doubt the plants will have been held back a little by this - it is possible they could have vegged a bit longer before flowering if they’d had more time in the big pot, but I think we’ll do ok given the space I’m in and how compact I need my plants to be.


We’re using 6ltr pots this time, a bit smaller than in the other tent because of the smaller area, plus I have a tube heater across the diagonal of the floor which only gives so many configurations - 6ltr pots just fit better in the 60x60 tent.




Still very visible heat damage on that one plant.
Sorry Mark, I’ve mistreated her...


Thing is I need to make a harsh decision and so it is with regret I am culling this one CBD Kush plant. :(

I left this write-up until several days after the photos were taken and it isn’t recovering from the damage.

I know it will grow out of the damage eventually and  have no doubt in time it would flower and I’d get as good a yield off it as any plant, but to be honest with the extra Cheese bursting in on the party, and the fact I simply don’t need as much yield off the CBD Kush, if one has to go then that’s the one who has to make room I’m afraid.

I’ll see if I can’t find her a sheltered home in the woods behind my mum’s house and maybe get a photo in her new home.


The Cheese and Kush (respectively) in their new homes.






I’m happy with them so far - They’re a bit behind the white cheeses in terms of growth, but that actually suits me in the smaller space where I can reasonably only fit two plants anyway,

I know other growers (I’m thinking of JJJ, but forgive me if I’m wrong!) can do really great things with such a small space, but I’m not quite that advanced yet!


The weather has been a bit milder for a few days following all those storms which is ace, as in this weather the 250w HPS is providing a lovely air temp inside the 60x60 tent, just a touch on the high side which will hopefully be spot-on when I add a second circulation fan.

The heated pallet is perfect at keeping the roots warm - the probe holes are a consistent 2.5” from the floor and the heating is all based off that reading.



The three White Cheeses continue to do well - I'm pretty chuffed with the grow so far, although it's really only early days.

No stressing from the pot-up on display which is a good sign I think?




If I were going to do any serious LST on these plants I would begin now - However in this new setting I'm happy to see how they run.

Later, I'll take the drill & put some holes in the tops of the pots to run garden wire though, and any side branches that want tying down can be secured.

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Day 24 - Reach for the Stars - 09/03/20


Light; Scope 275 dimmed to 135w at 18” | 250w HPS Dual Spec at 18” - 24/0

Temp; 23.5°c | measured @ soil

Extraction on med


Wow, so the stretch is real on the white cheeses this week!

They’re coming up something lovely, just the tiniest touch of purpling from slight cold temps on the upper side of some stems showing you that the air drops a bit low at times..


We have a clear race going on as you can see.

I never had to worry about headroom on previous grows but I am with this light!

To be fair my enviro has never been so good either, so the light unit can’t quite take all the credit.




In fact the photo doesn’t show quite how close they are to the light - if the largest one were to stretch another 50% it would be almost hitting the light.


I wasn’t originally planning any training on these plants, perhaps tying down the odd side-branch when we’re into flower but I guess I can try something new & un-tested while I’m documenting it for the world. Why not.


So I rammed in some sticks and bent the two taller plants over. Boosh. Popping roots everywhere. :ouch:

Never done any training before so we’ll see how this goes.

I know it’s too late to do anything major - usually I’ve never had to consider headroom so all I want to do is buy a few inches. lol few inches.




The smaller one will have some ties added to bring the sides down but nothing on the main stem.



The CBD Kush and the Cheese XXL aren’t developing quite so large under the dual spec HPS.

I can’t make out like this is a scientific comparison between the LED and the HPS - the strains are different, one set were potted up a day later so were rootbound one day longer, and sprouted a day later, etc.. but still… wow…


The difference is stark isn’t it?

When you see the two tents side by side you forget that they all came up at the same time.





Notice the Cheese XXL. Weird bit of mutation going on there…





Peace out bros & broettes :wub:

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@Jimmeh Really nice work on the repot  :yep:


The ladies are going to love that extra medium to spread those roots out ;)


Time for a growth explosion  :headbang:


All the best  :bong:



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watch the cheese XXL, it has a habit of growing huge.  I did one in mud a while back and it grew and grew, was a very nice smoke too. im doing some out doors this year

Edited by badbillybob
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