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White Widow (Femmed)

Hi Everyone,


Back again for a 2020 indoor grow.

Just one Dinafem seed going at the moment, but she's a classic.


White Widow.




This is her at 24 days.  She's been growing three nodes at a time since the first true pair ...  

I'm 3/3 germination on Dinafem's White Widow. One of the early seedlings was missing a first leaf.

This one is more than making up for it.

The nodes are now alternating but still producing three at a time.


She's in recycled rootball + worm poo and batshit under a 220w Scope dimmed right down.

She was 24/0 for the first three weeks now she's on 18/6.

Edited by Geoff
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@Geoff I don't tend to see many grows with our more "classic" strains so this White Widow grow will make a nice change of pace  ;)


Best of luck with the grow mate :yep:


I'll be along for the ride and watching with interest :cheers:


All the best :bong:



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Love a touch of the old skool. Like Mark said, it's usually the newer releases that get documented. Hope your seed turns into something special

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On 25/02/2020 at 4:28 PM, Mimicker said:

Hope your seed turns into something special


Well so far she is proving to be very special.

She's still growing three leaves at 120deg angles instead of opposite.

She has done from the first node.


I did have a this on Krystalica by Mandala Seeds but just between nodes 5-7 and then it stopped.




I'm not sure if my photography lets you see this clearly?

I like growing White Widow she's a pretty plant.

All 3 have been.



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Had the pleasure of smoking some white rhino recently, was a blast from the past taste wise but what was noticeable was although the thc level was quite low compared to more modern strains, the CBD content(purely subjective I know)  felt much higher and the smoke had a great 'wellbeing' high.

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