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DynaVap's DynaCoil Review

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It's to do with thermal heat transfer , how long a certain weight of metal takes to heat . Odd no one asking for the time it holds the heat till cool down , is that data not relevant ? I think that's what Egzoset is figuring out , mainly the first bit . It amazes me how much people who research ask others to do leg work , surly you could have had one to weigh and test by now , or are you banned from dynavap shop like Fuckcombustion banned  lol . I think the ideas are great btw . 

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Salutations Arthur Mix,


3 hours ago, SYZYGY said:

How about you do your own research...


What a great opportunity to keep my [ IGNORE ] list udated!




3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

It's to do with thermal heat transfer...


Ah, finally!  Well that's a crucial factor besides available portable energy, for example:


YouTube:  DynaTec Induction Heater by DynaVap - Product Demo | GWNVC's Vaporizer Reviews @ 0:35 (2020-Feb-11)


In all honesty i hate being forced to provide such preliminary information myself, but here it is anyway.  Apparently DynaVap's DynaTec Induction Heater (dynatec.io) is rated 12 Volts @ 6 A, e.g. 72 Watts max., or more like 60 W once accounting for energy conversion losses.




That fresh DynaVap product was presented by the founder himself earlier this year:


YouTube:  DynaVap Live | January 30th, 2020 4:19 p.m. CST | DynaTec with guest Chris Bailey (2020-Jan-30)


No need to work for NASA just to find it...




3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

Odd no one asking for the time it holds the heat till cool down, is that data not relevant?


Such questions can prove relevant but i must avoid feeling too apprehensive over obtaining satisfying answers...


3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

I think that's what Egzoset is figuring out...


Bingo!  Actually it's been quite some long time since i described a way to boost battery autonomy, which is about injecting power ONLY where it's useful.




Most unfortunately even using a glass wand as the "Gnarly Stem" it turns out DynaVap's delivery method still wastes a lot of energy, because this manufacturer is stuck with its clicker feature besides also irradiating half of the heat directly into empty space.


3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

It amazes me how much people who research ask others to do leg work...


Believe me, it's even more shocking to invest serious amounts of resources only to observe an easy 100 $ experiment is still too much asking from clueless obstructors who prefer to reject an open DUPLICATE & PEER REVIEW challenge so they can continue to pretend indefinitely.


3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

...surely you could have had one to weigh and test by now...


Oh yes, i could.  But i don't need to personally, so what's the rush!  There's no point.


3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

...or are you banned from dynavap shop like F**n banned...


Please don't make the mistake to believe that Egzoset might feel nostalgic about FC's self-serving gurus and their disciples.




As for DynaVap's DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater it sells 179.99 $ Cdn @ VapeNorth.Ca, though lets admit i see no practical use for a battery-operated IH-driver and you may even happen to know why exactly (if you've paid real attention in the past)...  In addition, as i commented previously, we don't even know if the new IH driver has full-blowned gate driving or just relies on inferior "ZVS" topology, so i'm clearly unable to justify such spending at this point.  Plus i'm not getting any younger!




Nonetheless here's my own favourite reader suggestion while we patiently await for your friends to discover late '80s (patent US4980131A) technology:


[ http:// www.jai.co.jp/english/products/py/index.html ]

Japan Analytical Industry Co., Ltd. - Curie Point Pyrolyzer


30-some years later some of us may even want to look more closely at JAI's PyroFoil (IH) Curie-alloy sheets (or similar), an informed reader courtesy of Egzoset.


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:


Edited by Egzoset

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Tbh there is a way more efficient to use cells but it use power different but like how toroidal amps used to be a thing now there are other ways to do electrickery much more efficient .. I am sure you know what I mean 

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Hi again Arthur Mix,


16 minutes ago, Arthur Mix said:

Tbh there is a way more efficient to use cells...


Like i wrote, lets start by getting rid of the clicker in IH-driven scenarios (unless Bi-Energy must remain an option), then trap *ALL* heat between porous SiC walls acting as a solid-state thermal valve;  doing so a glass wand equiped with my Hybrid Core would only require its susceptor to weight less than a gram in order to hold a temporary ~100 Joules heat charge, hence when powered with 60 W i figure pre-heating can be shortened 4 ~ 5 fold easily, or battery life extended this much...  Relatively to the cells, with 2 thirds of my dedicated album gone i can't illustrate how i once imagined experimenting with direct 3-Phase power conversion but i'll simply say i once hoped to gain some failure-proof feature through magnetic addition instead of electric series connection (e.g. 2 batteries out of 3 would continue to work)...  Which is all bound to remain hypothetical as i previously explained.


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:

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Just to be clear 


The Dynacoil is not an induction heater

The Dynacoil is a Dynavap accessory you insert into a Vapcap to enable you to vape concentrates 


so I really dunno how this thread descended into yet another induction heater discussion 


Also meant to say before....

A wad of Rayon or a Firefly or Storz n Bickel concentrate pad cut and shaped to fit the tip also work just as well as the real thing 

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On 2/15/2020 at 4:49 AM, Egzoset said:

Salutations RedEyezMan,


It's quite obvious i caused a strong emotional response simply by reacting to the most exagerated claim that we now have "real solutions from real smart folks".  Please don't blame me for your own failure to keep such personal tone to yourself


For that to be true I would have to have an emotional attachment to/for you.

You reacted to the claim of "real solutions from real smart folks" not me. You are saying I'm reacting to your reaction, when really you lend offense to my persona, then act slighted now. Common character flaw, all good. 

If you have some anti-capitalist view for DynaVap, its cool.

Lots of Germans settled in Wisconsin, where DynaVap is produced. They even elected people from the Socialist Party of America to be Milwaukee's mayor from 1948-1960. Last major office to ever be held by that official party here in the states. Clearly you're well learned, so maybe your a posh gentlemen who has contempt for the ole Krauts? 

I know you will say (based on previous posts) that you don't want or need friends, and yet you post...So your words and actions are in dissonance. That's reality. There is a social aspect to this mate, and to ignore you do at your own peril. You choose to use vinegar instead of honey, because based on your flawed life experiments, you've determined that to give better results?  I'd help you determine whatever it is you're trying to determine. But you leave no clue or clear statement as to what that is. Or you don't really want the answers, you just want to bring down the big guys doing it wrong? 

I looked up a pound of titanium.  Only $40. Much less than I thought.

I weight my slab of rosin. Still at 5.9 on my shitty scale after a week of smoking on her. 

I noticed you didn't answer me if you could operate a CNC machine or not. Do we at least agree these things are CNC machined? Maybe that's why they have to much weight, as I understand your assertion in critique of them. (i tried my best, but i must estimate you to be stoned too at times of writing, allowing the ego to shine bright as day) You don't really seem to want to address your audience as much as you want to hold contempt for them. 

Perhaps the WHOLE picture is not relevant to you? You have better theories to achieve our collective end goal of maximized 1 hit it seems, but no means of production, comrade. 

Like it or not, someone's gotta actually build the schools. Or build the cabling for Internet if you want to hide behind self educated. 

Keynesian Economics are European, but so are Austrian Economics.... Like every other tribe we are the only ones with the corrections to the problems we created. And like every tribe those who understand are pushed to the fringes of society. 

So much wasted energy on this fight based on your previous posts, you must be tried...But i suppose energy is never lost, only transferred eh? 

To ignore is to subscribe to cancel culture.

To subscribe to cancel culture is to participate in group think. 

To participate in group think is to close out people of value for moments of emotional discomfort. 

To go without emotional discomfort is to disassociate from reality. 

If that's a little heady, sorry, just got done using my DynaVap Coil...





Edited by Redeyezman
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Salutations Hippie on the Hill,


13 hours ago, Hippie on hill said:

I really dunno how this thread descended...


Lets refresh your short-term memory:


On 15/02/2020 at 0:49 PM, Egzoset said:

... claims of "amazing technological design" from "real smart folks"...  ...in a context of "Micro-Dosing"...


So, Induction Heat or not my statement remains valid:


On 15/02/2020 at 5:49 AM, Egzoset said:

How many Joules per puff??


As for all the "You, you, you...  Me, me, me" noise which accumulated it's not going to cost much of my spare time at all as i dealt with it using the [ IGNORE ] list, once again, since i can have even shorter-term selective memory when suitable.  Hence i suggest you don't waste your time writing long off-topic paragraphs.


It's not like i've been waiting for recognition from my dear FC folks over an humble contribution that makes people nervous!


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:

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