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Simple Jack

The places where cannabis factories have been found in the Valleys

The places where cannabis factories have been found in the Valleys

Some places have become unusual spots for cannabis factories


Cannabis factories have been found dotted over the Valleys - and in the most random of places.

It seems that there's no place dealers won't use to grow the Class B drug. Whether it's industrial scale operations hidden away in abandoned buildings or brazenly growing the pungent smelling plant in the middle of a busy high street.


We've taken a look at the places in Valleys where bumper hauls of hash have been uncovered by police.


In September last year, officers discovered an "indoor garden" of cannabis plants after raiding the former Kit Cat club in Pentre, Rhondda.

The building on Llewelyn Street had been empty for years before the discovery, which was believed to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of production of a Class B drug.


The building was a popular destination for club goers in the late 80s and early 90s before it was boarded up in the mid 90s.

It hosted discos with regular DJs, and was even a venue that Stuart Cable apparently used to practice with one of his early bands - before he found fame in Stereophonics.

"It was very briefly the place to be seen for underage drinkers before it got raided and then burned down," described one local.


Treorchy High Street has just been named Britain's Best High Street, but several years ago police discovered one property was hiding a secret.

Police were called to the busy shopping street in 2013 following reports of a man trying to break-in to a building which housed a former butchers and an upstairs flat.

Officer's suspicions were raised immediately when they noticed the windows of the property were blacked out and there was an unusual amount of ventilation.

They found 100 plants in the flat.


The Apollo in Porth was once home to a much-loved nightclub and separate bar. Over it's years of operations, It faced noise complaints from neighbours and once had its licence stripped as a result.

Your night wasn't complete without a Taboo and lemonade and seeing someone urinate up against the radiator.

But by 2014, the place was a shadow of its former self - and saw police carry out a drugs raid there.


What they discovered was described as a "sophisticated set up", with part of the building converted into a comfortable living space with beds, a fridge, freezer and cooking facilities.

The other half of the four-storey building was lined with polythene with a hydroponic system in place, suspended lighting and extractor fans.

There were 1,841 cannabis plants, which could have a street value from anything between £294,000 and £1m.


Two men from Albania were jailed for 16 months for the operation after claiming they were smuggled into the UK and were working to pay off their debt and to send money home.

In the years following the discovery, the Apollo has been left empty, despite a suggestion the building could be turned into a block of flats.

The Apollo also hit headlines in 2016, when a "gallery" of artwork featuring Welsh football stars were painted on the boarded over windows.


Almost 300 cannabis plants were seized by police from above the former Papa Bull pizza shop on Cardiff Road in Aberdare during 2017.

Officers from South Wales Police, acting on "community intelligence" called the value of the plants "substantial."


Rented properties, Treforest


Police issued a reminder to landlords to regularly check their rented properties when they found more than 500 cannabis plants in neighbouring properties in Treforest in 2013.

Officers were in the area when they noticed a strong smell from one of the houses. They contact the letting agency and landlady to get access to the house where they discovered cannabis growing in the rooms downstairs and three bedrooms kitted out ready to grow plants.

The make-shift factory left considerable damage to the electricity supply and there were holes in the ceilings where cooling tubes had been installed. A further 260 plants were found in a second house on the same street.

It was believed the area was targeted due to it's high population of students.


Around 1,200 plants were found in a police raid of a unit on an industrial estate in Penygraig in 2017.

Police carried out an investigation into the supply of Class B drugs and potential for human trafficking. Two men were arrested.


£6m worth of cannabis grown in the Cynon Valley

One of the most prolific cases of cannabis production was discovered in the Cynon Valley.

South Wales Police confiscated 2.5 tonnes of cannabis with a street value of around £6m from a Vietnamese drug gang across 15 sites made up of 21 people.

The "industrial-scale" operation is expected to have made the leaders of the gang somewhere in the region of £25m.

A police statement said much of the gang entered the country illegally with false documents, fake identities and some claiming to be children.

The investigation which begun in the Cynon Valley led officers to a string of others across South Wales, Gwent, and Dyfed-Powys areas.

The investigation led to the detection of more than 30 further factories across Wales and as far afield as Coventry.




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fukin ellll  .....  sounds like the south wales  police christmas party  is going to be a  stonker this year !!!!  :nenenenene:

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