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Dos-si-dos and Glookiez BARNEYS FARM?

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Barney's farm just do knock off seeds of other people's stuff that actually have nothing to do with the strain they say they are. There's the odd alright plant but you've got more chance of getting something hype American by planting an actual skittle in the soil. 


As @Oldbear said. If you want dosido id go to the source and get em from archive. More expensive but personally I'd rather shell out double the money at the start and not risk wasting 4 or 5 months growing myself a tonne of crap. 

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Their triple cheese is worth doing , was exactly like the blue cheese I used to get from the train station cafe in dam. They are all uniform with that rich skunky/blue taste and aroma. Never had a nana in sight. And some strong potent examples amongst them.

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On 14/01/2020 at 0:46 AM, Aidan said:


dos-si-dos33 from barneys thinking of picking some up for my next grow?

looking hard at that one pal....good luck with the pick:yinyang:

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got 4 barneys glookies as an extra from attitude, the super hero of cannabis ? hope so, I,ve had a few barneys seeds  no shows throughout the years

and also had some super on your arse dank weed plenty times, it,s natural that some girls will and some girls  wont as the song says.


still, I rate barneys among the best !!!

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On 15/01/2020 at 1:52 PM, Aidan said:

Thanks mate and yeah looking for some new genetics as im a city boy and no one wants old stuff 

Ha the second I read this the Mondays tune Some cunt from Preston popped into straight into my head :D  good luck with the hunt 

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I've had nothing but good thing's from these guy's. Granted I've not tried any of the American strains but I've done around 5 or 6 of the other offerings. Just a thought but here's a link to their so-see-do.





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