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A little help.

Hi all. 


Recently upgraded my veg and bloom tent into a single tent, its the best tent I've ever seen, let alone had, but I seem to have a slight issue.


I'm upgrading my extraction system after the current grow, I moved my 1.5m x 3m x 2m setup into the new 3m x 3m x 2.2m so it was always going to need reworking.


I'm getting the SystemAir setup, I feel its time to get a controller and go with a proper EC setup. So I go and do a few calculations, I think I need about 2500m3 p/h to exchange the air twice a min which I have always been told was the minimum in grow rooms / tent. Anyhow, from here I go online and start looking into fans that will achieve those sorts of numbers. 



This is where I hit a brick wall. The current largest "Basic" Revolution Vector EC fan is the 12" which does 2163m3 p/h, I cant seem to find a 315L so not sure if they make one. So my area is 19.8m3, doing the maths in reverse I will change the air in my room 1.8 times a minute with that fan. This is a problem. Firstly the lighting isn't exactly small fry, and 1.8 times a min I don't think'll be enough regardless, especially in the summer. Add in the fact I want some play with the controller, and the 1.8 times a min is that fan running full blast, meaning I cant turn it down to silence it a little, this fan isn't enough, is it?



So what do I do, I go bigger. I find that SystemAir have a newish fan, the Super Silent Revolution Vector EC. This fan will do over 3500m3 p/h, my kinda numbers. Trouble is they want £865 bare minimum for it! I've had a car that cost less than that. I get that these things aren't cheap, I wasn't expecting much change out of £1500 for the filter, fan and controller, but Jesus wept. £865!


I know there's other cheaper options out there, I've had most of them, but I really want to get a full SystemAir setup. Is it justified paying that sort of cash for the fan? Have I missed a "In between" fan somewhere? Just seems like quite a price jump.



Hoping for a few opinions or maybe someone can spot something I've missed.







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An acoustic boxfan that shifts 3250m3 costs around 300...


How much quieter is the system air is the question I guess..?


E2+ Just had a quick Google and best description I can find rates one at 52.3decibels at 3m.


Pretty sure that's quieter than my 6inch highpower ruck lol


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I love the revolution vectors myself....there was before xmas a good discount by one supplier online for theses found easily on google back then.


Found one for just over a monkey..250 mm L 2077m3/h


Have you ran any EC fans before they do have a proper pull on them.





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@Dodgee  Hi ya mate. Although the controller I wanted to get does handle AC fans it the EC I want in specific. 


Its the G.A.S Enviro Controller. Im moving into total hydro in my new 3 x 3 tent, I got it specifically for a new hydro setup. It's so hard keeping temps right in an area that size, its kicking the life out of me actually, running about turning on warm air fans etc etc.  


The Controller is digital, it has EC connectors on it, then you actually program in the Revolution Vector fan on the controller directly, they're made to pair up. I know its a bit poncy, but I've tried everything else. Not many types of fans I haven't had over the years. The Box fans are nice and quiet, but they're not EC that I know of, and wont work as well with the controller. :yep:

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@icki Hi bud, yh they're the best out there IMO. I didn't just pick them on a read up, seen them, watched all the vids, compared them etc etc. They really are the dogs nuts I think.


I've never run EC fans before, like I said above the controller will handle EC fans, but I want specific that control. Where I'm planning a full on RDWC in this tent I need to really. Its a real pain trying to keep temps right with the basic setup. It's like dominoes tbh, once I got one piece of good equipment I had to follow on and get the rest to keep up.


The RDWC is basically a 500L res, and as it stands atm the only heater you can get is a little fish tank tube heater, they just don't cut it. So if the temps in the tent drop the water gets really cold real fast. Get some lovely colours, and some really frosty buds, but it destroys the yield.



Seen these in action and they really are good IMO.






Will openly admit, having LED in an area this big has kinda opened up a can of worms. I dont mind the cost tbh, this is my only hobby, I just don't want to pay £870 for a fan and find out a week later there was another Vector that did 3000m3 p/h for £250 less. 


Thanks for the reply though mate, nice one.



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5 hours ago, GreenVision said:

I just don't want to pay £870 for a fan and find out a week later there was another Vector that did 3000m3 p/h for £250 less. 


Yeah but was it an EC vector probably AC... 


Atb with it all I'm just setting up 3m x 1.5m its been to long and my RSO is down to 15ml...sad times so time for a 2kw run.:D

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