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Again, sick plant after transplant. never easy is it, help needed!



Hello again fellow growers of the herbal world. Again i have a problem i require some advice, first time grower. Plant was growing perfectly well before i transplanted it. Nute mix as follows.      3ml A 3ml B CANNA, 0.4EC of cal mag (my tap water is 0.0 ec) 10ml rhizo all to 5 liters of water PH'd to 5.8 in this early stage, plant is 25 days old. Tight nodes, on its 5th. I have transplanted it into its final pot as the root system was growing so fast in the second transplant pot that it outgrew that pot in 6 days!! almost root bound so i had to get it out of there, amazing root ball for the size of the plant, all the roots where white, hairy and looked very very healthy indeed. I am growing in coco coir mixed with 30% perlite 10% vermiticlite. This is my own mix and so far its been fantastic, impossible to over water! This photo was taken 24 hours after the transplant, i notice one leaf 12 hours after and the next morning, 3 out of 4 leaves on the second node, these brown marks are ALL on the lower leaves right now, its a very early sign of "something" not sure what though, my first initial thought was CAL deficiency. I buffed the coco with my nute mix before i transplanted so it wasnt going into totally into a mix with no buffed nutes to feed on. And i did not change the nute mix, as its still very early to change it. total EC of all nutes is 0.7 and in the other pot it was LOVING the nute mix! Was growing very fast!


So fellow growers, any help would be greatly appreciated! Like i said, this is 24 hours after transplant, would rather catch and fix it early before it spreads to new growth. Thanks!   PS.. I need a role model to help me through the process of growing lol. Any takers? lollollol


The people who take time to help others, those are the people that make this world a nice place to be in. Appreciation is not always shown for these individuals, but to all you wonderful people that help others. We appreciate it, and i certainly do.





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Might be water on the leaf, that and maybe not enough air movement.


Plant looks small, should not have any nute issues as of yet.


I do not use Coco but guess you need to be accurate with feed levels.


Its also easy to correct EC and PH.


I'd not mist the plant and let it breath and put its roots down.

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