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@Ranec Thanks! 

Aha yeah I overthought it at first. Currently using a 5L bucket with holes in lined with an old 220 micron bag containing the coco and bioponic mix. Currently trying to think of a better method because the constant trickling sound is doing my head in. 

My previous attempts have shown that it doesn't like drippers or misters... although I haven't tried them with the new nutes. 

Soon as the plants get a bit bigger and I have something more glamorous than a bucket on the go I'll get on the photos! 


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GBL bioponics experiment MKI: FAILURE

So conversely to what I have experienced previously, the biofilter reached a decent level of efficiency in 1 week as opposed to the usual 4 ish. Ended up burning the plants (it's not quite as hard to do in BP as in soil). I'm going to restart the test with a smaller biofilter and a weaker level of nutrients.  

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