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Does Doing Good Things Negate The Bad Things You've Done ?

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its your fault then  I reckon its all about the consequences, can you take it? can you see into the future? What will happen if I do this? best test is if it feels good do it.but beware this can lead you into sticky situations

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in my world everything is my fault because i created the thought of it in the first place ,if i hadnt of thought of it id be none the wiser ,if someone else thought of it then im just bending the trajectory of the karma of the person who created the thought in the first place .

so if theres any stickiness to be had it aint my goo .

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@vince noir rock n roll star time you moved next door, because the weekends would be on the level,  above classic lol...


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There is no Karma.

There is no ying yang of good and evil, there is no god.


I have proof! There is a Tory party.

Some rich guy sailing his yacht around the world having stolen the pension money of thousands of people.


If you have done something bad, you have to live with it. You can try and appologise or make ammends , it will be better for your concience, but will it really be better for the person?



Ghandi once said "Be the changes you want to see in the world".

Smile, be nice to people, you will be surprised at how it cheers some people up. You will be surprised at how nice some people are back.

Just try and make today a better day, for you and everyone.

The man who invented the code for the internet, tells people only to look at the good and nice things on the internet, he also said fill your life with nice things, good things and you will have a nice and happy life.

So tomorrow fill your life with smiles, or a walk in the fresh air, pat a dog, feed a seagull as bad as the world is try and add a bit more positivity in it. Don't expect good things to come back to you if you do good things.

Do good things because they are good.



And the god thing????

I don't believe in one.

If there was a great being who benovently watched over us and cared for us, there would be less suffereing in this world. Less wars, less hunger.

If he was there he could come on down just for five minutes and get everyone to work together and make the world a better place.

When you die your light just turns out, thats it.


But if I die and find myself at the pearly gates, I'll tell St Peter to fuck off, go find god myself and kick the living crap out of him, I'll beat him till he pisses blood!

Punch, that is for you allowing war! Kick, thats for cancer, Punch, Punch thats for cancer in children. Punch thats for poverty, kick kick thats for the disabled people, I'll be there for a long long time.

So if you do die and go to heaven and you meet god in his flowing robes and beard and he has got a limp and two black eyes, you'll know Hugh has got there first!


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i been locked up a few times but i dont want to go there,it was in my youth ive calmed down since i got married. lol

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I've done some bad shit to people, both mentally and physically.

Thing is, some of those people still like me because they realised before I did that deep down I'm a good person who never did it intentionally or with malice and my good points far outweigh the bad. When I realised that myself, that's what woke me up. I was just off my head on drink and drugs, and ignorant, not realising what I was doing at the time.


There's plenty of bad happened to me since so I believe in karma and think things have been balanced.

So these days I just try and remember to do to others as I would like done to myself and that helps me relax.


None of us are perfect @Boojum Can't keep going over the past or crying over spilt milk ;)


Saturday is a cider day for me too :yep:

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On 11/30/2019 at 8:25 PM, Boojum said:

Mentioned this in another thread, but I was genuinely asking a question, not making a judgement.


I've done some bad things, things that I'm ashamed of. I've also done some good things. Do the good things I've done outweigh the bad things I've done :unsure: Does it work like that ?


Can you balance the bad things you've done against the good things you've done and come out on top - done more good things than bad things. Or does it not work like that, if you've done nasty stuff out of pure malice can you ever make it OK by doing nice stuff and realising that you were being horrible ? :unsure: Does the very fact that you've done something with pure malice of intent mean that you can't take it back, no matter how much you regret it ? :unsure: Can you try to be a better person when you've been a horrible person, does tying to a better person make up for the nasty shit you did ? :unsure:


 I would suggest you ask a Policeman on duty and off duty if possible, ask about their own Good Vs Bad actions as they uphold the laws and do good things, how can they sleep at night after doing the bad things?

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It's totally subjective. 

When I was crossing a main road in Bristol, I got half way across to the island in the road and we were stood there for about 2mins. While I was waiting I overheard a bloke saying things like "God loves you" and "where are you sleeping tonight" to a middle aged woman also at the crossing. I assume that he was working at a Christian shelter and thought she was homeless. He kept trying to give her a leaflet of some kind and she was straight up ignoring him.

From his perspective, he was trying to help someone who he thought was homeless and trying to introduce her to Christianity because he thought it would help her (as it did with him I imagine). 

Thing is, I don't think she was even homeless. She was just wearing traditional (for her ethnicity) clothing which anyone western "fashion" minded would mistake for being cheap. On top of that, she could have been of a different religion and besides that people don't like being roped into religions even if they don't have one.

Personally, I would have told him to fuck off but she was pretty tolerant. 

Or take us lot, technically we're all criminals. I wouldn't blame anyone who's seen the actual criminal side of cannabis to be very wary of us, just in the same way that anyone who's watched the news automatically assumes all politicians are pricks is wrong. 

However, most of us wouldn't hurt a fly. Worst behaviour being egregious use of the word cunt. 

Just goes to show that even if you think you have the duality of man sorted in your head - you probably haven't. 

E2A: Nor does "karma" stack or negate. Only thing that matters is what you do now. 



Edited by Nervous
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Yes, good things, let's have good things. It can be said that not having bad things is a good thing in itself, then add in an extra good thing and a bad thing is negated.:yep:

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Do the good things I've done make up for the bad ? 




This is why religion pisses me off.

Oh you molested a pensioner then ate her dog. Don't worry it's all part of gods plan. Just accept Jesus into your life and you'll be able to see why it was all for the greater good. 


Absolute cop out. 



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So if i molest a bid and not eat her dog I might be good because I give coins to help various charities.I wouldn’t touch a old person without there consent but if I did and I am starting to think there might be a something maybe not god but something.For years I was a sure that there wasn’t god because of all the old people getting touched and messed with .It does make you think though.I hope people will stop doing    horrible things to our older generation and there pets maybe one day they can walk down the street without any interference.goohfy.

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