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Auto Feed systems - Autopot vs Alien Easy Feed

Again another auto feed system thread!


Looking at a autopot system for my 1.5mx1.5mx2m tent. I was looking at both the autopot or Alien easy feed systems.


What would be the max number of 10-16 litre pots I could get in that space? Do you get any issues with the valves not working/flooding with any of these systems or are they pretty reliable?


I was looking at the autopot systems with the added air domes? Anyone use them with the air domes+air pump?



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Greens have a 10% sale on & are quite cheap for autopots.

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I run wilma system and I can leave it alone for at lest a week without any problems. I have 8x18l one and it can hold up to 100l of water

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I've been using autopots and air domes with 250ltr reservoir.

Rarely had problems at all, I lift the pots every 2 weeks to clear any roots getting to aqua valves, air domes work well with a good air pump, mine adds oxygen to the reservoir with a couple of airstones.

Was looking for something I can rely on and go on 2 week holidays without worrying.

Keep reservoir higher than pot to aid gravity feeding.

Have grown my best buds with these.

Simple and effective.


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