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Seedling/early veg tent optimal conditions ?

Hi again guys what's your views on seedling/ early veg tent optimal conditions ?


what I have been doing is 


96w 4 tube propagation Light 

thermostat controlled heat mat set to 25 degrees 

Oscillating fan 

Jiffys or small pots filled with coco

soak seeds for 24 hours before planting 

lights running 24hrs for first 7 days then on 18hrs from day 8

light feed of rhizotoinic at low EC



i don't use




Mister/ humidifier 


would any of these help me in any way ?


any tips comments or advice very welcome 


peace out 

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Your setup sounds pretty great to me.


Never used 24-0 for seeds/clones/veg. Always used 18-6 for all veg stages, let them sleep even when babies! The sun is not always up in their natural environment.


Only used propagators for clones while rooting, not necessary for seeds.


Humidifier only if you struggle with very low humidity. A small one can't hurt to use, never personally needed one.


Heater only if you struggle with low temps during lights on/off, your heat mat should do them fine for a while.


Keep it very simple. Simple is better. Keep them warm 24/7 :)

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I'm using a small fogger in my veg area at the moment but usually I don't bother I only use it when humidity is extremely low. I prefer a little higher temps in veg 28-30° but anything above 25 below 31 I'm good. I don't really take any measures to control it it's just the ambient temps provided by the light. I like 20/4 in veg. Currently running 24/0 though as I need a new timer.

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High humidity early helps them get their feet down quickly. 50-70% constant ideally 




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