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Cannabis campaigner whose brain tumour shrunk after taking the drug has 'months to live'



Cannabis campaigner whose brain tumour shrunk after taking the drug has 'months to live'


An appeal has been launched so Phil James from Oakenholt in Flintshire can receive appropriate end of life care


A man whose story went across the world after claiming cannabis oil shrunk his brain tumour only has "months to live" according to his wife.

Father-of-one Phil James, 33 and from Oakenholt , Flintshire , is currently in Holywell Community Hospital after it became clear it was unsafe for him to stay at home with wife Nicola, 29, and daughter Phoebe, 13 months.

Mr James was a staunch advocate of using cannabis oil and strict diets as a way of tackling certain types of cancers, such as the grade three Anaplastic Astrocytoma (brain tumour) he was diagnosed with at the end of 2015.

After initially suffering seizures every six to eight weeks, he went almost two years without one after adopting his self-administered treatment.

Brain scans also showed a minimal trace of the tumour.

However in February this year Mr James suffered a minor stroke and a CAT scan revealed he had a secondary tumour.

He was admitted to Countess of Chester Hospital at the end of August after suffering a series of falls.


Philip James of Oakenholt, Flint who claimed his use of cannabis in a vaporiser has stopped the growth of his brain tumour


He came back home but was admitted to Holywell Community Hospital around four weeks ago because it wasn't safe for him to remain at the family home.

Mrs James said: "Doctors said he has a few months a couple of weeks ago. His speech is OK is very confused but his short term memory is affected. I'm glad he's not too aware of what's happening because he was petrified of dying."


Mr James had been a vocal supporter of cannabis oil and wanted to see more research done into its health benefits. He was a vocal supporter of MP Paul Flynn's bill calling for cannabis to be legalised for medicinal use, and travelled to Parliament to meet the MP.

The drug was legalised under strict conditions for medicinal use if prescribed by an appropriate consultant on November 1, 2018

However, there have been widespread complaints it has only been made available via private consultation - and even then the Government has kept little to no stocks of the drug making it largely unavailable.

Under the new law it cannot be prescribed by a GP.



Philip James of Oakenholt, Flint who claimed his use of cannabis in a vaporiser has stopped the growth of his brain tumour


Mrs James said their daughter Phoebe has helped her keep going but it has been a difficult time for the young family and revealed she still believed the cannabis oil had given them more time together.

She said: "He still takes his oil. Of course I think the cannabis oil gave him more time. He has really stuck with that and the diet. but it just shows it's not going to work forever."


With Mr James marooned in hospital the family is reaching out to the community at home and further afield to help raise cash so he can spend his remaining days in a hospice rather than a hospital - or pay for the specialist home care he needs. So far the campaign has raised £1,746 of its £10,000 target.

Mrs James said: "He can't come home because it's not safe for him, especially with Phoebe. So we either raise the money for a hospice or he stays in hospital. Any money left over would be donated for the hospice that cares for him."

To contribute to the Just Giving page for Mr James follow the link here




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If he has a short time left and he is left in confusion and pain, wouldn't it be better to help him end his pain?


I personally would hate to die in a hospital, they are horrible places.

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