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Joint hogger

Another Autopot Thread

After doing a ton of reading about other folk using Autopots & what their expeience's have been like I've decided to switch from hand watering in soil for over 10 years to trying Autopots in soil myself.

The main reason Im sticking to soil over coco is that soil is more forgiving & once soil is wet, it retains water longer, it also save's me the hassle of going into the tent at different times as I work shifts,

it will also allow me to go away for more than a few days at a time unless I rope someone into wateing for me, which tbh I dont like doing. 


So anyway, I'll be using a 1.2m tent & was thinking about going with 9 A.P's as I usually grow 8 or 9 plants in soil in 11lt square pots but after reading some posts, I think 6 Autopots might be more suited

for the space with a longer veg, another reason I'm thinking about running less A.P's is that I want to keep the plant numbers down within reason as I have another new 1.2m tent & was thinking about running

the two tents side by side, something else to consider is that I also want to use a 100ltr reservoirs instead of a 225ltr reservoirs as Im a bit limited for space in the room as my veg cab is also in there & by

having two reservoirs is that it allows me to run different strains without burning one of them with hot nutes.


I'll also be adding a water timer too as I dont like leaving plants in sodden soil, another few things I'll be adding is a water heater & an air pump/stone for the reservoir/s, I'm also thinking about ditching the usual

16mm hose & use plastic piping with corner connectors to make it more rigid, this will allow me to also fit in tube heaters for winter time.


As for what nutes I'll be using, I was thinking about plant magics soil as its more chemical based & comes in either hard or soft water versions, my waters soft btw & unless I add something to the feed,

I usually endd up with cal/mag deficencies, I also want to keep the nutes as simple as possible without having to add numeous additives so something like a 2 part feed is preferred.

so I'm open to suggestions if there's something better for soft water.


As for what soil I'll be using, same again, its plant magics supreme as its been very good over the years but it doesn't like sitting in feed as it can some times become compacted, this could maybe be down

to me watering plants too fast, so I was going to add some perlite to make it more airy & have 50mm-60mm of hydroton in the bottom of the pots.


anyway thats it for now, hopefully anyone who uses Autopots will see this & chip in an idea or two.



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I've been thinking about going down this road myself for an easier life.  I'm not sure how narrow the tubes are with the Autopot system and whether thicker organic type nutes could cause blockages in the lines but the Canna Bio grow/bloom seems to get good reviews.

Or there's the Ecothrive soil option meaning all that's needed is water, or more or less.

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the main supply hose is 16mm (OD) & 13mm (ID), the smaller tubing is 6mm (OD) & 4mm (ID).


if you use organic nutes, its the smaller tubing that get clogged up.

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I swapped over to autopots after moving to the loft and having issues with getting up to water them all the time. Only done 1 full grown and in the middle of another now.


I've stuck with soil and not gone Coco,.one less thing to worry about with pH etc. 2 inch of clay balls in the bottom for sure. I used plagrons batmix for the soil and added extra perlite at around 50/50.


I went for a 4 pot system with 15l pots and the 47l Res. I'm in a 1.1 X 1.2 X 2m sloped room and I personally think 4 is enough, it's more than capable of filling the room out. I'm sure 5 or 6 would work but I feel it would be very crowded with decent veg time.


I only use the 6mm piping but hope to one day upgrade to the 100ltr Res and larger pipe. I've had the 5mm splitter bit clog already although I think that was my fault from not cleaning it properly.


I thought about a timer but finding one for the 6mm pipe and hooking it up to something automated didn't look easy. I was worried about them being in standing water but I've seen no adverse effects so far. Clay balls in the bottom for sure.


I swapped from.organic nutes to hyrdro nutes. I used the hesi range so grow, bloom, root stim, boost, super thrive (or whatever it's called) and some pk13. I'd say I could probably get by on just the grow, bloom and root stim but using it all as I have it. Seen good results from last grow so don't have a reason to swap yet other than its 5ml per L so you use a lot! Also use 1ml per L of calmag as in a soft water area. My ec is 0 out of the tap!


I've got a water heater (50w I think) and a circulation pump in the res. Pump is just to keep the water moving, spread the nutes around and help spreads the heat around from the heater.


2 tents with 2 Res sounds like a good idea, if I only had the space!


Personally they've been brilliant for me. I was never able to water enough when the plants were accessible let alone when they were in the loft. This allows me to set and forget for up to 5/6 days if needs be although I try and get up every other day just to check plants and check res BUT if I can't it doesn't matter. The only worry is the Res running dry and the pump still running and making a shit load of noise!



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Morning @Joint hogger  . I have used  autopots for years, brilliant set up for a lazy bugger like myself.. not soil though .. I use coco with at least 2” clay pebbles in bottom of pot.....though with growth technology green haze nutes and don’t get any hassle at all with clogging..   had loads of clogging issues when I used AN Sensi ph perfect nutes but just changed the 4mm tubing every grow ...I bought a 50m coil of 4mm tubing for a few buks off the fleabay..   I’ve also never had a flood as I use toothbrush to clean the valves, maybe am just jammy or something hehe :skin_up:I do love the ease of the autopots though and  if there is an easier way to grow, I would love to know... .getting decent results too with 3-5 oz  / pot.. got vicfirths animal stompers and blues on go at mo.. man one of the stompers had me crawling around the floor,!!   Never had hit like that in yonks!,,  mrs gonge wisnae impressed .. even a few mates asking me ...waur the fuk did ye get that?? Hehe good luck and go for it.. 

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thanks for the replies.


@3potheads  I looked at the 47ltr tank but if I wwas using that with 6 AP then I'd be lucky to get half a week feeding done, thats why I'm going with the larger res,

also, I wouldnt fancy trying to bodge a water timer onto 6mm pipe, too easy for a leak to happen. I also wouldnt want a pump running if its not submerged, too easy for the pump to burn its sef out.

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