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The Budmeister

intense nutes

ive not been on much lately due to health being shit and haven't been doing much as getting the house renovated, taking forever.

while waiting I had an H. S. O,  green crack on the window sill for three weeks and due to being bored I chucked it in a tent and veged it under led

true wattage 200watts for a week then under a hps600 watt using Intense nutes I was so kindly given. this has been a pleasure to use except for the smell of shite off of the foundation. I will put up photos of the plant before chop, first I've grown without any leaf drop of some kind, the plant just looks totally happy, praying consistently, NOT ONE DEFICIANCY OF ANY KIND, FOLLOWING INTENSE RECOMMENDATIONS CHART.

its Intense Nutriants for me if this is anything to go by, roll on renovations so I get back to normal.


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@Budmeister glad to see your happy with our products and thanks for the quick review and recommendation :yep:

Thinking of a free nose peg with every bottle of foundation promo :fart:  slightly squiffy I think is the polite term lol



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