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Bust a nug

Good PH down available in canada?

Hey guys,


I need a good PH Down for my 2x 10 Gallon DWC Res. The only nice one I see is General hydroponic's and its 40$ :(

Should I just use vinegar?


The one I currently use is way too strong it made my fucking shelf melt.


For reference,

At first dosage I put 1.25 (1/16 teanspoon) and the ph lowered to 6.7

Second dosage, hoping to lower to 6.1 I added another 1.25 (1/16 teanspoon) and my res went to 3.8!!

Now my gg4 cut is nuked and my grow is postponed.

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I use Growth Technology pH Down but it's strong as well. For 50l so a bit more they in your setup I use 2-3ml to dro pH from 6,7 to just under 6. You can always dilute it in water to mak it easier to use.

What I have learned so far (I only 3 weeks into hydro) is it takes few minutes to set itself up. 

P.S. I am just not sure if its available in Canada but it cost 11 sterlings in UK for 1l.

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