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PC packed up?

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On 27/09/2019 at 4:08 PM, ratdog said:



I'm a die hard pc user too lol mine's slow as fuck but I don't know how to wipe and reinstall


It's simple as fuck these days mate, I do it for people all the time. Just download the version of windows you want from the microsoft website onto a usb flash drive. Then stick the drive into your pc/laptop and turn it on. That's about all there is to it and it's like getting a new computer (almost) :v:

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I take regular full pc backups using Macrium Reflect. I can restore a full system in 10 mins. You can downloads a free Macrium version, all you need is a USB stick and an external hard disk.

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I highly doubt it's PSU, if you were having trouble there it would be rebooting more often than not.


What windows version are you using?

What type of hard drive you have? HDD, ssd?

Have you done a checkdsk?

Have you tried booting from Windows disc and doing a repair?

Have a look in event viewer logs, any errors around the time you're booting?


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