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Top Shotta

WAC1 Building

Hi guys so after much research I think the best way to get a non humming single speed fan controller would be to build on myself (Has nobody had the idea to build WAC1s with a plug and a trailing adaptor wired up safely, I'm sure people would pay £50+ lol )

Anyways... The list of things I will need to build this (Please add and correct me if I miss anything or there are better alternatives feel free to pm me)
Xpelair WAC1 Single Fan Controller £27.55


1 Gang with 3 Metre Lead rated at 13A £5.95

So the plan would be to cut the 1 gang plug socket off with around 1m of spare cable, leaving the other end with the 3pin plug with around 2m (If my calculations are correct lol) 

The tools I have currently are : 
Stanley Aviation Snips : Stanley-FatMax-10-034-250mm-Straight-Cut-Aviation-Metal-Tin-Snips-Shears-214563 thumbnail 2  

Some random assorted screwdrivers.
A bunch of random stanley knifes stolen from the building site (Old bad habbit of keeping them in pocket :D)
(This is a diagram of how to wire it)

Should I connect the wires on the single trailing adaptor should connect with the LF + NF + Earth? (The Fan will be plugged into this)

Should I connect the wires on the 3pin plug that goes into the mains connect with N + L + Earth? (Do I put both Earths on top of each other in the Earth block?)

As I will be using a 5" RVK fan with this controller in the future (I want to build this controller first) I have watched how you wire the fan and noticed there is no Earth in this fan ?
Any photos of your WAC1s wired up with the case off would be a great help or full pictures of your WAC1s
Any advice on items / tools I should buy for this too would be great.
Would it be better to use lower amp fuses than 13A? The RVK would come with a 5amp stripped cable to wire to the fan can i plug this into the 13amp trailing adaptor?
Thanks guys and thanks @Joint hogger ;) 

Here is a picture of what I expect it to look like (Apart from both cables being on the same side and the plugs same colour lol

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I currently have a twin socket wired up to a wac1 in the exact fashion you are talking about, it's runs my 2 circulation fans totalling around 65W 


Not sure if you're supposed to do it like I have but (touch wood) no issues so far.


I just purchased some flex cable, a plug and a twin socket from screw fix. Cut the 5m flex cable in half, 1 half has a plug and is connected to L / N + earth and other half has double socket and is connected to LF / NF + earth.


Tools required should be Philips screw driver to separate enclosure, flat head for connectors and some wire strippers to strip back cable.


Make sure you don't go over 75W as that's all it's rated for.


If I remember when I'm next up in loft I'll get some photos.


I am NOT a sparky so please take my advice as advice only and not instruction. 

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tbh I would prefer to run the wac1 just under 70w 24/7, running it at the max 75w will work but I prefer to err on the side of caution.


@Top Shotta  as you said your fans self earthed, you wont have to wire the earth up, just cut the earth cables down & wrap some leccy tape aroung them,

you could buy the plug, 2 core cable & the trailing socket & wire the wac1 up with out an earth, it'll be dearer to buy the parts than just buying a 3 core trailing socket  :yep:

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Wire the socket to 

Fan live 

Fan N 

Wire your lead with plug on the end as feed in 



Just put the earth one one top of other in E terminal. 

1.5mm flex has a current carrying capacity of around 17A, so the 13A fuse in the plug is fine. 

Dont cut the earths out. 




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But if the fans self earthd & there's no need for an earth in the wac1 then you can cut theem out, tho I'd be more incllined to fit a 1A or 2A fuse in the plugs instead of using a 13A fuse.

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Yes, but all cables that carry 230v are required by UK regulations to contain an earth. ( this doesn't include appliances/ TVs etc )  it's a safety device and to cut it out isn't wise. 

And the fuse is designed to protect the cable from overload... so 13 in 1.5mm flex is fine. 



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