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Your mum

First grow, month old!:D

I'm from the UK latitude 52, I know it's late in the season but excited to see how they turn out
3 x power plant xl auto
1 x northen light (not lights) auto or amnesia auto. One of them died and I mixed them up
They're a month old and two of the power plants have started flowering. One of the power plants and the northern/amnesia have suffered a little bit from slugs or whatever but oh well.
Keeping it organic ans have worm castings in the soil. The soil is plant magic and there is also a little bit of compost. Recently I've started using chicken manure pellets.
They're spending their life in a cheap polythene polytunnel (which isn't as warm as it should be as theres a massive tear in the side:/), but have spent most of their life in a small plastic greenhouse tent thing, which got destroyed by a storm so the plants suffered a bit. They also spent a bit of time by the window sill and patio.
When I started them off they didn't get enough light. I put them under a 60w led bulb and they were very leggy. One of the seeds stopped growing after that and then died, but they've regained their strength.
The two big ones have thick af stalks to a bit nervous to train it, but the two smaller ones I'm going to start training.
The pots are supposed to be 20 litres but didn't have enough soil so it's basically 10 litres
I was also pretty clumsy transplanting and the plants got damaged from a  storm when they were young, so that doesn't help:/
Feedback appreciated!:)

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Surprised to see my mum on here

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