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Warranty on discontinued products including QBS

Ive had a few customers now ask about warranties on quantums. As i don't sell them anymore, some are getting worried about whether the warranty is still valid so i thought its best to just reassure you guys, that you're still covered regardless.


Your 3 year warranty is valid from the day of purchase for 3 years. An led products sale time is around 12-18 month. There are always going to be products customers have bought, that are no longer on sale, this DOES NOT affect your warranty. Where possible stock is held back. In the event that we cannot fix your product, a free upgrade to the current range, or full refund would be given.


Failure on leds is very rare (not a single one on cobs or strips). Ive had 1 driver failure, ever. Its really not going to happen but if it does, you're covered.



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Good to see you running a professional service. +1

Out of curiosity have you ever visited the factories where they manufacture the strips or been to any city in south east Asia that has huge wholesale markets?
Some of the markets i visit regularly are any electronics enthusiasts dream, you can literally find anything you like down to the smallest of components.
Its like a DIY Everything you can think of kind of place.

Peace & Love
Thai Stick

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