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smokie1 b c f c

meringue and mokums tulip, the search for the cake and gelato

hi everyone, well its time for me to get my next crop on the grow. as my jars are almost empty. i run a 400w hps last grow and lost allot of yield comparred to the 600w hps i normally use. 

so il be growing in my old darkroom 1.2 square rev2 tent, using a 600w hps duel spec bulb, and a 5 inch fan/ filter. and 2 lenths of 4 inch ducting as 2 passive air inlets. with a 4 inch clip on fan aimed at the hps bulb. 

the seeds im growing thanks to @DutchPassionTony are there new wedding cake cross called meringue. and mokums tulip that is a cross of gelato. 

here is the info on them




Meringue ®

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. As cannabis enthusiasts often have a sweet tooth, the sweeter smelling and tasting strains gained huge popularity in the last decade. The cross we made between Wedding Cake and an Animal Cookies elite clone came out just the way we wanted and really hits the (sweet) spot.

This indica dominant THC rich hybrid feminized seed variety has a very large sativa-like main bloom along with a smooth smoke and a sweet aftertaste on the exhale. She has numerous side branches which grow heavily with resin crusted blooms full of compact buds. A euphoric high is accompanied by a rising, powerful sense of well being and relaxation.

The blissfully enjoyable effects last for a good 3 hours. When you consume a large amount in a short period of time you will be aware of a powerful, and deeply enjoyable, couch-lock body stone. When growing this strain indoors, consider UVB light supplementation during the last few weeks if possible and notice how the trichome production goes into overdrive.


mokums tulip 

Mokumâs Tulip®

Dutch Passion's Head of Genetics came across a very special pheno of Gelato on one of his travels. The plant had an amazing candy smell and some beautiful blue tones in the leaves. The sparkling buds were rock hard, the Head of Genetics was amazed by the rich taste which was exactly the same as the deliciously sweet and appealing aroma of the buds on the plant. He knew that this exceptional individual would be outstanding base material for another elite Dutch Passion cross.

This Gelato pheno arrived in “Mokum” (the old Hebrew/Yiddish word for Amsterdam) and was crossed with a vigorous Sherbet individual that also leans to the sweet side of the Cookie family.The Sherbet had a terpene-rich aroma, heavy yields and a particularly powerful effect.

Amsterdam became famous for tulips back in the day and the smell of this new creation reminded us of a very sweet smelling red tulip. The name “Mokum's Tulip” quickly came to mind.This XXL yielding strain is a must for your empty cookie jar


sound lovely they both do. im putting 4 of each to germ now in kitchen roll in a tub. il be growing them in small pots of soil, then into 6 to 11 liter pots, fed only seaweed extract and bio bizz grow/ bloom 

i will be fiming out the girls to get the maximum amount of tops possible before i flip them to flower. 

i give a long veg of about 8 weeks normally from seeds. so il be chucking a few auto seeds in for some early smoke.i normally do this with my photoperiod multistrain grows, so that by the time im about to flip the photo's to flower, the autos are ready to chop/ smoke. :oldtoker:

il be getting pics up as soon as there growing some green bits. lol 

lets hope for some big fat tasty buds. :yep:

wish me luck all , smokie1

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Posted (edited)

dont know why the pics aint working in the links ?

peace :yinyang:

Edited by smokie1 b c f c
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good to see a dutch passion grow back on here


seems this forum is a bit neglected bit strange as the genetics are bang on


good luck with this one bud 

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Any news or pics m8? How did the grow go, I am thinking of doing these next so any info will b great fella,  :smokin:

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