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Milk spray any good for powdery mildew?

Hi UK420,


Does anyone have experience with powdery mildew? And, how best to deal with it. Am 4 weeks from finish but it seems to be taking hold on a couple of strains, Glueberry & Candy Fruit. Have read milk spray is good, anyone used this method?


Some photos at the end of this post .


 Thanks in advance.


All the best



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I used a 50/50 mix of milk and water on my comfrey as it had developed PM. Seems to be doing the job so far.


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Ive just tried this. I mixed it 1 part milk 3 parts water just to see what happened. Had a Casey Jones mother that had PM pretty bad. Ended up killing the mother but I saw a few spots developing on some of my other clones. I sprayed while the lights were on. After I did it I wondered if this was a good or not. We will see. When the leaves dried, they looked more greener and shinier & had a real smooth texture to them.

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