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Blackberry, Tangie, Lemmon Haze, Girl Scout

Sorry folk, do not know if I have double posted this, if so appologies. These are all my autos that I popped straight from seed and placed in the one and only growing potts. They are now just over 12 weeks old. So they are no where near ready in times stated 76 days from seed to bud. But saying that I am in the far North West Cumbria. So I can not complain to much since they are all a outside grow. Maybe 2 more weeks should see them done. Hope your all fine and dandy. Be safe, Be happy!large_GSC2.jpglarge_BB9.jpglarge_BB7.jpglarge_BB8.jpglarge_BB3.jpglarge_BB4.jpglarge_BB5.jpglarge_BB6.jpglarge_GSC2.jpglarge_BB1.jpglarge_BB2.jpg

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Hi Grampa. I'm only new here but I'm up early and baked so I thought I would say hello.

I can't tell how big those ladies are but they look huge and the colours are beautiful. I also think you live in one of the most beautiful places in the uk. I love being stoned in the mountains and I don't care about the constant bloody rain.

I dunno, big colourful ladies almost done, fantastic mountains on the doorstep... I hate you already! :hippy:


Please remember to show us all the final results.

All the best from the far south.



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Hate away my friend. I love my slow life up North. I will be sure to show you the end results. Take care and be safe. But most of all. Love and be happy my friend.

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