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advanced nutrients big bud

After some general advice for a noob grower, my first time growing indoors I’m just about to start week 2 of flowering 


on their website it says 2ml per 1L of water from week two to week four 


thing I'm not too sure do you only feed them with the added big bud for four weeks, or do you one feed with big bud then next feed just water ? 


Ive has a google but can’t find anything useful just ends up with people arguing weather it does anything or not, I didn’t pay for it so happy to give it ago.


thanks Jay  

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Hi Jay, 


big bud is okay to use 2ml per litre. I thought it was from week 2, to week 6. Usually, you feed with a base nutrient (perhaps an A and a B), then you add on top, the big bud.


Maintain feeding with big bud during the weeks you choose.


Usually, its week 1 to 2, bud igntior. Then week 2 to week 6 big bud, then the final two weeks 6 to 8 use Over drive. Then flush for a week. The base nutrients stay the same (the A and the B).


Some would advise using overdrive for week 6 to 7, then flush for two weeks. It's your choice.


Can you list all of the nutrients your using please mate.

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It’s not needed. Waste of money. Especially for a newbie. Simple basic A + B type nutrient or one part nutrient + a root stimulant. All you need in terms of nutrients. More important things to get under control like environment and training techniques. Cheers

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