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Oldtimers x Amnesia Haze Qs

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large.20190926_233736_compress87.jpglarge.20190926_233705_compress13.jpgJust an update which might be useful for people growing this one. 


So far she is 21 inch tall and finished stretching so not a biggy at all. The smell varies on a daily basis, it's gone from mango, wood, something I don't know what and back to a mango woody smell for now. It's a small but undemanding plant that I haven't had issues with yet, buds are fattening nicely and have a nice bit of frost. 



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Aw wow, that looks amazing @Sarahnya   I got these waiting in the seed tub. Don’t want to do them till start of next year and this great to follow ! Want to run them a few times ye see.

got vics animal stomper and ugorg blues on second run or they would have been popped by now..  subby seeds are pretty awesome.

cant wait to hear how it smokes for you? :skin_up:


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It's been lovely and easy to grow actually. In fact I wish I had given it a couple of weeks longer in veg as its certainly no beastie. 


I'll update with a smoke report for sure. I'm an occasional vaper so I should be able to give a decent unmarred smoke report as it's gonna hit me pretty hard (I've no goodies to smoke between now and harvest so will have zero tolerance lol).  I am also growing Strawberry Cough, Ace Malawi, DP Sour Diesel and Durban Poison so I'm gonna be made up by the end of Oct ish. 

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I cut a bud and quick dried it on dehydrator to see if we are ready as I find thrichome watching can be inaccurate. 


Very strong stuff but a little cold and left me with a headache. I'm gonna give it another week or so to mellow out. 


Oh the other hand I really loved Durban Poison and Malawi which I'm also growing. Hopefully this one chills out a bit more 

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