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Measuring soil temps

Reading lots on here about how important soil temp is. First time grower here.


I've bought a soil temp gauge which I can use on my pots etc.


1 question and 1 "does this sound like a good idea" hehe


Question ... how deep whould I measure ... iirc I read someone say about 3cm deep ? Also is there any recommended place ie. near the main stem or at the side etc.


And ...is this a good idea .... I'm worried about damaging the roots putting the probe in and out... so ... what if I put a straw (or something similar) in the pot at the start. I'd cut it to the appropriate length, so the bottom of the probe was the correct depth and stuck out enough and mark the probe too.  My thinking is ... a) the roots will grow around the straw so I'm only risking damaging the roots at the bottom of the straw where the bottom of the probe sticks out b) I'm always measuring the same place and depth therefore getting consistent values. What are your thoughts ?


Thanks in advance guys, I've just got my first 4 seeds popping out of the soil just over 48 hrs after planting :) Here we go ....


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Can you just leave the probe in one place when you're in your final pot size?


I just use cheap eBay thermometers that have the little metal probe on the end of the wire. I also use smart pots with the holes in them so just push this in an inch or two half way up the pot, one nearest the air intake, and one on the opposite side of the pot (middle of tent).


Good luck with your first grow bud :yep:

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I've got some soil thermometers, the long thin metal ones with the gauge on top.....I push down to near the bottom of the pot and just leave them in.

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