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Dynavap M modifications

Always wanted one of these for the shed but was massively put off when I tried a friends one. Draw resistance was ridiculous even when very lightly filled. I was tempted enough by the 2019 M which I got from @vapefiend with a decent forum discount. Arrived next day, awesome service as always. :skin_up:


On the plus side the ergonomics and design really are great. Makes it one of those objects of desire if you know what I mean. Just feels nice in the hand.


That was where it stopped for me though. Draw resistance was at least as shitty as my mates. I know some people don't mind it but to me it's like trying to pull a milkshake through a tiny straw. Exactly what put me right off. I wasnt going to be defeated so resorted to dremel butchery. Used one of the little ball end grinding bits and widened and deepened the air grooves in the tip a tiny bit at a time until I could notice a difference. I realised if I went too far then I'd spunk £55 so took it slowly.


Before and after:




It looks as rough as shit in the pic (partly because I tested it between each pass with some nice black cherry punch so got progressively less precise) but its zoomed right in. I'll polish it out a bit later. Now it pulls waaaaaay more freely. Not as free as my standard portables but its actually bloody good.


If you don't find it an issue then doing it is almost certainly a bad idea but for me its meant it will be used and not dumped in a drawer! Vapour quality, flavour and experience is so much better now IMO.


I have seen since on reddit that a batch was sent out with poorly machined grooves that were off tolerance and too shallow. Whilst dynavap haven't publicly admitted to anything as such they have evidently been sending out replacements to those affected. Looking at others pics I don't think mine was faulty, just the standard resistance to be expected.

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If you do end up wrecking it, I've a feeling the ti tip has less draw resistance. Although the 2019 SS tip does look very similar now. On the plus side they've added those grooves at the top now.

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