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Is she ready to harvest???

I’m 155+ days into my 1st grow. 80days+ into flower.


ive been waiting for trics to change. But nothing yet.


then I was told some strains the trics don’t change colour. And that if I posted photos, experienced members on here could advises wether she was ready?????large.FEC5A472-9CCE-4EB1-8FF3-D428BAAEB102.jpeglarge.648FB822-B6A8-4E92-A1A6-3F0AE13D0A64.jpeglarge.476DA846-BE31-4E5C-B4F5-0745C4E62E5B.jpeglarge.490B6CBC-EF00-4B85-9747-5FC3D98F6539.jpeglarge.5359F583-D193-447F-9A48-A0B06C8DEF94.jpeglarge.5CF168F5-E640-43B7-833F-04FBFDD4604D.jpeg

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@Dialtone I know she's 80+ days into 12/12 but looking at those pics i'd still not chop her down yet if she was mine. Still way too many outstretched white pistils and not many fully retracted and browned off yet.

She looks very sativa like, buds are not very big if you don't mind me saying? There again sativas are like this but never grown one myself. To be honest 3+ months flowering is too long for my liking.

All the best, i'm sure other advice will come soon. :yep:

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@Amnesia I agree. I would guess there’s roughly 28g+ of bud when dry across the whole plant


grow conditions haven’t been ideal. But the whole set up was less than £100.


before I spent money on a proper grow and equipment, I wanted to gain some experience and dip my toe


she smells good. Lots of popcorn buds lower down.

next time I grow a photoperiod I’ll try removing lower stems for bigger tops. See if that works.


ill have a tent next grow and a couple more plants. and likely use auto flowers and LST. 

Keep it simple.


what could have caused the slow growth?


mutant plant?

some light during the 12 off ?

trimming to late into flower?


all I wanted from this grow was answers tbh.

a little bit of bud will be nice too but not the main aim.


many thanks

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@Dialtone For your first grow i'd say good job and you've learned a lot along the way to keep her healthy for so long, i personally have never flowered a plant for so long so i tip my hat to you. :yep:

I'd say having light leaks during darkness has confused her and would definitely slow her down, the leak could not of been too bad because she would of revegged meaning it would of got very leafy again and no buds coming through. It's important to have complete darkness during lights off to keep her the happiest.

Ideally its best not to trim up beyond the stretch but saying that i've trimmed up at 5+ weeks with no issues.

I don't know the strain you're growing but you can see that it is very sativa looking with the long thin leaves which explains the long flowering, some genetics are also better than others so as you say that could of played a part here too. Ask around and see who's grown it maybe?

Anyhow there will be more there than you think and you've got bud for definite so happy days.

Looks like you got it sussed for the next grow, with plans for a proper tent and such which will solve the light leaks, just remember to make the intakes lightproof too if you're using passives.

All the best for the very well deserved harvest, hopefully a plan is in place for that.

When they are at that stage the buds can suddenly mature up so keep an eye on them, maybe only a week or two at the very most hopefully.


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It might not be a massive haul but looks like some prime smoke with only a few weeks to go.  I find that once the pistils start browning, they've all turned within a couple of weeks.  If I were to guess regards to the lower yield, I'd say it's your light or possibly the feed.  What kind of light do you have?

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@Dialtone Any plans on the strain for next grow? Choose something with a flowering time of 8-10 weeks as the majority of genetics now are, it will be over in a heartbeat after just doing a 13+ weeker! :yep:


e2a : just seen you plan on autos next time, you can do nearly 3 grows then in the time it took with vegging for this grow.

Autos are great in my opinion, especially nowadays with good yields too. Look at Sweet Seeds as they have some real good auto strains i hear, cant remember now which ones i've grew but they were good. My first grow was x3 Lowrder 2's back in 2009, not so much choice autowise back then.

They yielded over 6 ounces dry, quick pic of them here. See how yellow they are @Dialtone and they were done and dusted in 63 days from seed to harvest :blushing:



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@JJJ don’t judge me to harshly lol. But lights. I went with cheap Chinese leds from amazon. Vegging I used a 600w. Then found a 1000w on eBay and switched to that during flower. 

Also used a couple led spotlights to get light to the bottom of the plant.

after researching further. I’m well aware that the output of these leds is likely a lot less that advertised.

and also that the wattage in power drawn can also be different from output at the light etc 

Next grow I’ll probably go with hps light, or spend the money on some decent leds


Feed used was basic, as I had no idea what was what and went with “plagron” with a separate veg and bloom formula picked up from my local grow shop.


@Amnesia yeh, I had no idea about autoflowers when planning this first grow lol 

im looking at greencrack, glueberry og and I’m undecided on a 3rd.

but I figure 3 pots for next time


i got given some granddaddy purple not to long ago but it was to strong. Couch locked me for about 7 hours. 


Maybe stardawg... makes me laugh more than most strains and it’s easy to grow so I’ve been told.


got some nice amnesia there too. Think I saw that you can get that as an auto now

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super skunk from sensi is a very good easy to grow starter stain, bit on the strong side and very stinky but will produce a nice harvest and a better smoke everytime. i  did a few test runs in coco with it and even just using coco a and b and a bit of pk in flower it still produced a really good harvest.

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