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Recommend me an entry level vape please

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On 19/07/2019 at 10:14 AM, Timbuds373 said:

I made an induction heater for a dynavap m. It works really well and heats evenly and makes using a flame redundant. Only downside is it’s bulky and not portable as it needs to be mains powered. Lots of wiring diagrams on Reddit et al. 


My my first vape was a black widow which is fairly good to begin with but the m will knock socks off it. I’m now using a crafty which is really good.


wow that sounds awesome, do you have any pictures of it?? :photo:

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Posted (edited)

Salutations Yacobo,


9 hours ago, yacobo said:


...sounds awesome, do you have any pictures of it?? :photo:


Actually it ain't difficult at all to find related illustrations, a brief 5 min. search using proper keywords should have sufficed to get these 3rd-party sources:






The 3rd one even offers thermal imaging in video...


Yet it's not exactly new as the "fun" of IH-driven vaporism started to spread years ago, though despite an apparent burst of popularity i'm afraid dependency on the Bi-Enegy compatible "click" feature of DynaVap's original design also caused issues of its own which effectively delayed further progress, if not a state of frozen evolution.


So far multiple independant demonstrations tend to confirm usefulness of IH experiments but it's still belonging to a "Hot Dry Air" class of devices, e.g. without Inlet Water included into the bigger picture:  IMO that's a valuable alternative to butane while i got to regret that it equally denies its most beneficial feature besides safe/portable power density.  Not to mention failure to exploit a susceptor's back-EMF signal to perform the switch function...


So it sure made me enthousiast, initially.  Today's followers should begin to learn from their mistakes and seek ultimate improvement, proof-of-concept was already shared quite some long time ago.


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:


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