65W LED - Red Mandarin F1 - Two Plant Grow

By Prophet in Sweet Seeds,
Me again     So after seeing what the @diyleduk 65w veg panel would do for a full grow, start to finish, i realised there was space in the box for two plants  I know the light spread on a small panel such as this won't really cover the area properly, but I'm going to give it a go anyway.   For those that didn't see my comp grow it finished up looking like this:           So i was pretty pleased   I picked up some Red Mandarin F1 seeds after winning a few points during the comp so decided to stick two seeds down. Within 48 hours they had both sprouted:         You may have noticed one seedling has a second smaller head! I've not seen this before:       So a great start for germination but I'm a little concerned about the one above. Should i leave it? Snip the second head? Start again with a new seed?   Apart from the oddity above they look perfectly healthy. Lets see if we can do two plants under such a small wattage  
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