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Bio heaven

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40 minutes ago, unity said:

@Green demon cheers for the biobizz response link, there is some golden info on that post.  Topmax isn't molasses tho - that's grow.  Topmax is (iirc) humic & fulvic acid.



Mr bloom covers some of this in the vid about their products - they are a certified organics company, ergo their products have to comply with stricter rules.  Don't really think you can wave an airquoted "organically" at biobizz...it's like their middle name lol 


@Arshlay if you've not seen it yet, take 15 mins and watch this vid, it's def worth it.  I've watched a few times now :)


Mr Bloom on biobizz:


@unityyes mate I've seen it that's why I was so sold. I was like I need it I need it. Lool

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