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The Padawan

Extraction fan for 2 rooms

Hi. I'm looking a bit of advice for an extraction setup. I'm currently building a groom in the loft that will have a 1.2ms flower room and a 1.2x0.6 veg room.

The rooms will be right next to each other. Can I run them both off the same fan? 

Say for example I got an 8/10inch extractor fan. What size filters would I need for each room?

Or would I be able to put some sort of a vent in the wall between them (light proofed) that I could just run extraction from the flower room. 

Ive been gathering up bits as I go an so far I have 

550watt quantum board on order (new) 

Smscom twin controller Pro 4.5amp (used) 

5inch 350cm/hr intake fan (currently using in my tent for extraction) 

And I have a cheapo 4 inch fan (currently intake in my tent) 

I've been looking at some used isomax fans on the bay. I know second hand can be risky. But you can also get some gems at a fraction of the price. 

I almost bought one the other day (8 inch isomax) but chickened out last minute lol. Thought I'd better run it past you fine lot first. 

I'd like to get it right first time. 

Any advice greatly appreciated. 



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If you run extraction from one room to the next you’ll always be fighting to keep temp and humidity down in the second room and up in the first.


Personally if I was going to run one extraction for two rooms, I’d extract individually from each room to a Y splitter.


If it was me I’d also go one step and add a butterfly valve to the y splitter to better control flow from each room, along with a fan controller will give you pretty good control.


Should be pretty easy too, as long as your carbon filters are before it wouldn’t even have to be airtight.

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It's always better to have separate exhaust fans for each of your tents in my experience.

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I think using a Y split would cause uneven extract rates.


Two separate fans would be the way to go.


Although it sounds like something a good old rip off grow shop salesman would say haha but deffo the premium option :smokin:

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